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iTunes Jukebox

Correct me if i’m wrong, but, i thought that this was what the iPod was for.

Anyway…some guy created a nice Jukebox thing where party guests insert special modified CD Jewel cases into a tower, which recognizes them, and imports them into the current playlist on iTunes, and plays them.  Its a cool concept, but seriesly, this is what the iPod is for.

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microwave + iPod Nano

While this is not beyond my relm of things i would do, im sure some people (chris) would kill me for doing it, and some people (mike) would worship me for doing it.  But, as soon as someone donates one to me to do, i will so do it, but with much more class, and “scientific” purposes then these guys:

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Movie screensavers on iPod

When you go to the Apple Store, and you play with the iPods, they usually have a movie looping when they’re not being used.  Now you can do that too, all easy, and free, and totally without breaking your iPod!

Just open up your iPod, create a folder called “Demo Mode” and insert a movie called “demo” into it, and your done!


Can’t get to the original site though its down.

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multi-plugin for iTunes 7.0

The Multi-Plugin for iTunes is now available.

Go download it now!

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iTunes 7.0

Haha, i just had to!

Anyway, chris never went into how to fix the problem, i dont know he he didnt know how to, or if he just didnt.  either way, i have found a fix.

It seems that the culprit was QuickTime. The newer version of QuickTime changed one of the default audio settings. And this has an impact on audio output in iTunes.

My soundcard supports 16-bit audio out (as I think most today do?), NOT 24-bit. The newer version of QuickTime sets the default to 24

That’s kinda easy actually, now i dont have to reformat…again…

Apple Support


iTunes 7.0

Oh man I love using the same title over and over again. Like Steve I recently installed iTunes 7.0 That was also the same day I reformatted my computer. After installing the drivers and Creative software for my sound card I noticed this horrible horrible buzzing noise whenever the speakers were up high, even without any music playing through them. Mike told me it was ghosts. So we took my card out of the PCMCIA slot and saw some schmutz on the connectors. We took the schmutz off and plugged it back in. No noise. Wonderful!

Honestly, no one likes to hear bad noise coming out of their Klipsch speakers. It makes your brain hate you. Trust me.

But now whenever I play anything on iTunes, it still crackles and makes a lot of noise…but only when music is playing. I can put the speakers up to 80 with no noticeable extraneous noise. Well well, it seems like Apple screwed this one up:

Specifically, users on Apple’s web forums and our own tipsters are reporting that some new nanos aren’t being recognized in Windows iTunes 7, music being played through iTunes 7 sounds “scratchy” at times[emphasis mine], CoverFlow doesn’t always entirely download properly, and there are allegations that iTunes 7 has become, slow, bloated, and a resource hog.

Oh man I have spent three days trying to clean off every single connector on my sound card so that I can listen to music. My ears are way too sensitive to listen to anything that’s crackling so I just havent had any sound at all and it makes me sad. It’s a good thing I still have the installer for iTunes 6.4

Source: Engadget

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iTunes 7.0

So, when i reformated my computer today, i reinstalled iTunes 7.0, and this time i got the normal iTunes 7.0 icon.  I have no idea what happened yesterday, but i like this one better.

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iTunes 7.0

Apple released iTunes version 7.0 today at their highly dissapointing event.  It included a bunch of new features, one thing i love the most is automatically download album art for your music, that’s great cause it fills one of my ocd things i have!

Anyway, the one thing that is pissing me off, is the new desktop icons:

It’s ugly as shit.  That does not look like anything that has to do with music, it looks like a magnifing glass with some pictures under it.  It reminds me of a cartoony version of some Google application.
And the worst part is, it’s not changable!

At least, not as far as ive played with it anyway.

But right now, its 2am, and im tired.  If anyone knows of a way to fix it, do tell.

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Eric Schmidt joins Apple Board of Directors

Google CEO Eric Schmidt was elected to join Apple’s Board of Directors yesterday according to the press release
The two hottest companines at this moment are joining forces in a small way.  Could we see more Google products for Mac on the horizion, or could we see more “advanced” motives, like global domination.  Think about it, Apple, and Google, the two things that Microsoft hates the most are linked together now….

Only time will tell what happens, but remember, i predicted it first over a year ago!

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this is a screen

Sung-Jin Kim created that above, which is 50 (fifty) of the 30 (thirty) inch Apple Cinema Displays.  Workable on Mac, PC, and/or Linux.  Sepearte, or at the same time.  It’s one hell of a feit thats all i gotta say.

source (TechEBlog)