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iTunes 7.6 Shuffle is Messed Up?

Has anyone else noticed that the when shuffling songs with iTunes 7.6, or the iPod Touch firmware 1.1.3 there, artists aren’t really random, but come in doubles?

I have a few playlists of about 400 songs each, and with all my favorite artists.  Most artists have at least 2, sometimes as many as 10 songs each.  I put the playlist on shuffle, and forget about it, but ever since the new updates of iTunes to 7.6, and the iPod Touch firmware to 1.1.3, the shuffle really doesn’t seem random.  I average 3 songs by different artists, then 2 by the same artist, then another 3-4, then 2 more the same artist again.  This happens no matter how many times I shuffle the list, and restart iTunes, or the iPod.

It’s not too annoying, but it is slightly, I have it on shuffle so I can hear my music randomly, not in order.  Has anyone else seen this type of behavior or am I just imagining things?

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UPDATE: View Lyrics on iPod Touch

Here’s an update to the View Lyrics missing on iPod touch from September.

Turns out that with the optional $20 software package that Apple released as the “January Software Upgrade” you can now view the lyrics by tapping on the cover art of the currently playing song. I don’t have any photos of this, because I think it’s silly and stupid to buy this software that should be free. Hopefully when the SDK is released next month, either a. the software will be free, or b. someone will provide an app that does exactly that, but for free.

Either way, thought it would be useful for you all to know that with the current Software, you can indeed view the lyrics on your iPod touches…for $20.

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PowerMac G4 Mailbox

Can’t run Leopard, or, just don’t want to use Leopard on a G4, put the case to good use as a mailbox, and send me the insides to microwave

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Google Tops $700

In under a month, shares of Google stock have risen from $595 up to the current price of $702.  I just have to say, that is incredible, and I’m glad I still have my 1 share I was able to get when it was down at a more believable $300

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iPod Touch can’t play through Xbox 360

We like to play Halo and listen to music at the same time.  It makes the game much more interesting.  Usually, we’ve been able to have our receiver on multiple inputs, analog for sound, and digital for video.  We plugged my iPod, or Mike’s Zune into the receiver via the headphone jack.  However, that is not possible on our new receiver.  To cirvumvent it, we figure we would listen to the music through the Xbox 360, after all, Halo 3 is a 360 title, and supports it (unlike Halo 2).

This is when we found out that the iPod touch does not show up to the Xbox 360:

All there are connected to my Xbox 360 via the 3 USB ports.  Notice that the 360 detects the Zune on the left, and my 5th gen iPod, “dead phoneix” (the name is a long story), but nowhere does it see my iPod touch, Outland.

This is probably because of the lack of a file system in it.  Hopefully MS, or Apple will release an update to fix this problem, but it’s doubtful.  I guess we’ll just have to find some other ways to listen to music, or use the Zune, or other iPod…

Here’s another picture showing the whole screen, its kinda blurry, sorry.

(yes, that is a projector screen that we play Halo 3 on)

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View Lyrics missing on iPod Touch

One of my favorite features on the 5th gen iPods was the option to view the Lyrics of the currently playing song. This was a particularly useful function to me because I like to read the lyrics of the songs sometimes if I don’t know a line, or if someone else doesn’t know it, or when disputes arise. Granted, there is no automatic way to download lyrics to the music files like there is Album Art (get on this Apple), I am OCD about it, and get the ones I care about all manually.

This very useful features is missing completely on the iPod touch. Now, I know that this probably wasn’t the most loved, or used feature, but it was very useful. In the week I have had to play with my iPod touch, I haven’t seen any way to get to it.

This is my first request:

Apple please, put this feature back into the iPod Touch via a software update.

This is my second request:

Apple or hackers, come up with an option for the iPod to automatically download the song lyrics when connected to wi-fi.

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iPod Touch Unboxing

iPod Touch box front zune and ipods

This evening I went to the store, and went into the Apple Store to look at the new iPods, I do not like them at all, the iPod Classic looks cheesy, and the iPod nano does indeed look like crap. The Red shuffle is the nicest looking of all the new iPods. All of this is excluding the iPod Touch of course. Out of curiosity, I asked if they had any Touches, and they did, so right then and there I bought an 8 gb version. I was putting off getting one till the Apple Store online said they were shipping now, turns out it was a good idea to wait. Anyway, here is my unboxing of it after the click:

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Geek technique shows us how to convert an iPod Mini from a micro hard drive into a solid state hard drive.  And i must say, i’ve taken a mini apart before, and it’s not that hard, but i never would have thought to do this to one.  Mostly because the hard drive worked, and mostly because if it didn’t work, i really wanted to microwave it.  But when i know where i can get an old mini, and i am so going to try this out, i’ll probably put an 8gb card in, and maybe if prices go down, a 16gb.

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Optimus Prime controls your iPod

Holy crap is this not the coolest thing in the history of the world?!?!?!!!!!!!!11

It’s an iPod dock, that transforms into Optimus Prime.  Granted the all white theme isn’t very true to life, but still, it is the most awesomest thing i have ever seen this year, (iPone, you had your time).

Now all that’s left is to muster up $150.  And hey, who knows, maybe they’ll have the retro colored one for when the movie comes out in July, seeing as how this is a preorder and will arrive in July.

product page {Gizmodo}

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Gameboy iPod with Video

This skilled DIYer took apart an old Gameboy,  that’s the original one, The Brick, and inside it, was crammed an iPod.

He even wired up the A/B buttons Start/Select, and D-pad to the iPod’s click wheel controls:

The headphone jack is on the bottom, and it even has a dock connector, how awesome is that.

Now you can play the iPod version of Tetris the way it was originally intended to be played…
more photos {MAKE}