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It’s been long overdue or something, but here is the latest in what could be a long awaited list of wrong stumbles around the internets.  As always its full of the usual memes, gifs, Nazis, 4chan, motivationals, and other general internet shenanigans.  I could write some more, but I am electing to just go ahead and move onto the finals so now:

Get motivated!

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iPhone Helicopter

This is quite possibly the most awesome thing I have ever seen.

The level of awesomeness of this is just unbelievable.  An RC helicoptor that transmits live first person video to your iPhone or iPod touch.  That’s also the way you control it?  Brillant!

What’s even better, it looks like you can battle 2 of them together.  That’s even more awesome!

The worst thing is it sounds like it’s super annoyingly loud.  Which makes sense, cause there’s no way it could be perfect.

Anyway, there is no price on this, which pisses me off, because if there was, like the table, I would probably have pre-ordered one by now.  All they say is “release: 2010” which is pretty broad, and probably means it wont be out till next year.  Oh well,  I am excited, are you?

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iPhone Rampage

One word describes this video.  Insane.

Everyone’s been there before, traffic for no reason, or cause the sun is reflecting off the trees when the wind blows 5.2mph, and it gets in the eyes of the 57 year old lady who is already driving 10mph below the speed limit, and causing delays.  Makes you want to take out the Glock you wish you had in your glove compartment and just drop everyone.  Go all William Foster on the world.

Anyway, its a pretty funny video, that will get you through your Friday alittle quicker. {Gizmodo}

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The Ultimate LEGO Mac

This is the ultimate LEGO computer, be it a Mac or a PC.  It’s everything LEGO stands for, plus some.  The LEGO bricks with the special metal studs to carry power is awesome.  I’m not sure i like the idea that not all bricks can connect to each other, but I understand the reasons why that’s in the concept.

The customibilities are endless, and I would totally buy this, hell, I may even make it.  The only issue I can see is heat, theres not much to absorbe and dissapate the heat like metal in most cases.  Oh well, it’s just a concept, so we don’t need to think of silly things like that!

{Gizmodo | Mac Life}

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The Website is Down

Here’s a great little video which has a Sales Guy vs. a web dude. I love how he’s playing Halo throughout it all anyway. Oh, and the way the icons are on the desktop is priceless.

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The shield will be down in moments…

Echo Base wifi

…you may start your landing.

Whoever this is officially has the greatest wireless network name ever.  The only thing I ask of you is if you are out there, send us an email.  Because we want a picture of it with no encryption for just a second so we can say “The shield is down!”

Oh, and this was also while waiting in line at the Apple Store in SoHo Wedensday night.

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The Zune Car

Zune car

While waiting inline at the Apple Store in SoHo last night to see Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway promote their new movie Get Smart, this car passed by which clearly has the Zune logo on it’s spare wheel cover, and on the side window.  Clearly that person is obsessed.

Here’s a bonus picture of me and John Hodges after the event.

me and john

We missed Steve, and Anne apparently, but John was walking around, and caught a picture with him.  Stephen Colbert was also there, he did the interview, we missed him walking out too.

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iPohne 3G – cheaper then the iPod touch

Ever since I got my iPod Touch back in September of 2007, I have been inlove with it, and use it everyday.  Of the many iPods i’ve owned, and used over the years, this one is my favorite.  Tha beiging said, the announcment of the new iPhone 3G earlier today was a, not supprising, but b. interesting.

Straight from the source (, a new 8GB iPhone will retail for $199.  A new 8GB iPod touch, $299.  For the price of an 8GB iPod touch, you could get a 16GB iPhone in Black or White!  That is very interesting isn’t it?

One of the key differences between my choice of getting the iPod touch over the iPhone was the price.  (I am an at&t wireless customer, so no unlocking needed).  Now that the table’s have turned, and the iPhone is $100 cheaper then its strictly music based sister, I have a major dilemia on my hands.

Let’s put aside all the differences between the phone, and the music player, and just think it through this way.  Either Apple is making no profit, or taking loss on the new iPhone in order to gain market share.  Or they are moving away from the portable music industry, and into the mobile phone one.

Both scenarios I find hard to believe.  As for the first choice, well, considering that it was estimated that Apple was making up to if not over 50% margin from each iPhone v1 sold last year, it’s hard to believe that they drastically cut that margin to 5% even 1%.  Now, I will agree in a year’s time some, if not most of the components inside the iPhone have decreased in price, but to shave off 50% just seems unlikely.

Now onto the seemingly more unlikely second choice.  Seeing as how most people claim that the iPod is one of the main factors in bringing Apple as a company back from the dead, and is credited with it’s famous halo effect at increasing Apple’s market share.  But certain events need to be taken into account.  With the exception of the iPhone, the iPod has seen less new updates over the past year compared to the rest of the Apple product line.  Granted, a few processor speed bumps are no proportional in iPod terms, but, increase battery life, increase storage, and decrease prices are all things missing.

Even in the past few months, with the SDK, it’s been mostly geared towards the iPhone, whereas many of the apps will be perfectly at home on the iPod touch as well.  Is it just me, or is it seeming like Apple has been putting less into the iPod platform, and more into the other media outlets.

Steve Jobs said there were three parts to Apple today, Mac, Music (iPod, and iTunes), and iPhone.  However, the way I see things today, I see it as the iPhone, and iTunes becoming more powerful then the iPod itself.  Which could be a good thing, or a bad thing, we may never know.

Now, I could be totally, and completly wrong about all this, and in 2 weeks, Steve Jobs could announce a brand new iPod that puts everything before it to shame, and I’ll be forced to eat my words.  But I don’t see that happening.

Now I just need to decide if I want a new iPhone 3G or not…

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LED Apple sign

LED apple 1 LED apple 2

So, just like the LED Plexiglas heart I made for valentines day, I made another LED Plexiglas thing, this one however, was for me.  I also made it a little bigger, and by a little, I mean it’s 8″ x 10″, where as the heart was only 5″x4″.  Oh well, I like it.  Also, unlike the heart, this one is powered by USB, and has a slick aluminum base and frame.  I figured, let’s make it really Apple like, and brushed aluminum was the way to go.

LED apple base

LED apple base 2

I made the etching pretty much the same way, and all, and I think it came out really, really nice.

We have pretty much perfected the method to make these, and if anyone is interested in them, please, send us an email: Right now we can do simple designs, with one or two different colors of LEDs, but as we fine tune the process more, and get more experience, we will be able to do complex designs, with as many colors as you want!

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Rising of the Apple Sun

Real or photoshopped, this is still an awesome image.