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Make your very own 3 foot high Tornado.  While this wont be able to hurl cows, and is in no way “The Finger of God”  It is a damn cool project.  Plus, the plans to build it are FREE!  So, why not try it?  Be sure to send us some photos, and as soon as i am able to gathre up parts, i think i’ll try one too.

awesome internet

Wind Turbines

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) embedded in each of its three S-shaped blades fire in sequence as the blades rotate, painting a video screen that appears to hang in the air. This full colour and motion image is clearly visible day and night.

That is kinda cool, a wind turbine that has LEDS on it, man, LEDs are everywhere, its a good thing i love em!

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Redesigned Revolution Controller

Even with brand spanking new pics of the Revolution controller, no blog I’ve seen has commented on the changes. Personally when the Rev controller was announced I was excited for the prospect of the gameplay that would be introduced, but I was a little put off by the overall appearance. To me, a white brick didn’t look very comfortable. Plus there was the HUGE block to attach the main controller to the nunchuku.

The team that brought you Red Steel posed with a couple Rev controllers and in one of them in particular, you can see Nintendo has fixed these problems.


Yes the controller is no vaguely triangularly shaped with a simple USB (it looks like at least) connecter from the main controller to the nunchuku.

25 days til E3

(of course this could all be crap, as its obviously a dev kit, since you can quite clearly see a black wire going down the guy’s shirt…..but shhh)

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the end of the world?

Bible Code says many different things regarding the end of the world. However, the general consensus is that it will happen before the year 2012.

Now, there has been next to nothing to back that up, scattered code that no one could agree on, and most thought was fake.

However, recently, I discovered something interesting that could prove the Bible Code true.

A common domain that everyone knows is set to expire in late 2011. What domain is this, well, the most inportant one of course: Google.

(click image to make it larger)

You can check this info for yourself by going to dnsstuff and do a WHOIS lookup on

What does this mean?

Info on Bible Code:

  • said to date to 12th century
  • 3,200 year history of The Bible, little change in text
  • advent of the computer made finding the hidden codes much easier

Bible Code Digest

Google is not the only high ranking internet search engine to be in on it. Yahoo and Ask Jeeves are too.

Yahoo expires in early 2012
Ask expires in late 2010

Each got their information alittle wrong.


Super strong robots of the future?

Ok, if you combine the news reported in this post, about artifical muscles, and this post about robots guiding museum visitors, you get something that’s absolutely scary!

other robots will be programmed to guard archeological sites from grave robbers and guys like Indy and his nemesis, Beloq.

Thats taken from the last line of the museum post.  Combine those artifical muscles, and you got one scary killer robot.  Is anyone besides me thinking The Matrix and/or Terminator?

Personally, i’d like Terminator, because, then there’s a 50/50 chance of the robots being good, or evil.


laser printer

Yesterday we found a laser printer.  It was beautiful.  Extremely heavy, and at least 10 years old, it was nice.  We looked kind of skethy carrying it from the loading dock to our room, but hey, thats what we do best.

I’ll get some photos of us taking it appart later this afternoon.  And some photos of us having fun with the toner, oh man is that fun.

Then there’s the microwaving of the various parts, that was amazing too!


cat-5 cable

Yesterday we found lots cat-5 cable in, of all places, a dumpster.

Having a history associated with dumpsters, we were cautious at first, but, we gave into temptation in the end, and took as much as we could get, (it was all tangled).  By my estimates, we took about 204 feet.


things we found

Today while walking back from a meeting with a teacher, i found a trash can full of goodies. Not normal goodies, like, trash, but, good goodies, like super old computer ram, some steel bars, some sticks of clay, and a wooden thing that we don’t know what it does. It was funny, cause i went there a second time all alone, and there was a girl standing waiting for class, and i was looking in the trash can for things, and getting all excited talking to myself.


if it were…

if it were a few degrees colder out, it would be blizzarding out right now…..

oh what infamous words, with such deep meaning.

it will turn to snow though, trust me.