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The Gustav Gun

Admiring the Gustav Gun

World War 2 was the most devastating war in human history.  If we forget about the events that ended the war thousands of miles away, Germany, Europe and the rest of the combatants used plenty of conventional weapons to wreck havoc on each other for nearly 6 years.

The above shows Hitler and some generals admiring the massive Gustav Gun.  A weapon so large that it was mounted on rails.  It fired shells over 30 inches in diameter weighing 7 tons at a range of nearly 30 miles.  The main purpose was to utterly destroy the forts of the Maginot Line.  Though it was transported and used in Operation Barbarossa.

Unfortunately, it was destroyed by the Germans themselves in order to prevent it’s capture by those damned Commies towards the end of the war in 1945.  And while there have been more massively wide guns made, The Gustav remains the largest caliber rifle ever used in war time.

Check out this quick little video regarding some of the famous railroad guns:


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Hidden Tombs

Europe is full of old stuff.  So many old things are so old that it’s not a surprise to people when records are misplaced, and memories lost to time.  That just so happens to have been the case under the floor of St. Mary’s Church in London.  While renovating the church in order to turn it into a Garden Museum, construction workers uncovered a 300-400 year old tomb under the alter that contained numerous coffins.

These weren’t just anyone’s coffins either, included under the most sacred spot of the Church were the bodies of probably five Archbishops of Canterbury.  I say what could be five because of an interesting phenomenon of burring human bodies in old lead coffins – the bodies decompose into a black viscous liquid appropriately called coffin liquor.  That sounds lovely doesn’t it?

If that wasn’t enough, I think the greatest part of this entire thing is the fact that the contractors, and the researchers and everyone involved managed to keep this thing a secret for nearly an entire year.  That’s right, they uncovered this find months ago, did research, entered the tomb to see if it was stable, identified the remains as best they could, and then, on Easter Sunday, released the findings to the greater world. Impressive.

It makes you wonder, that scene from The Last Crusade in Venice, how many other ancient Churches in Europe have hidden treasures beneath their floors?

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It was December 24th

You know the words.

If that’s not your thing, then take a gander at this trailer for the documentary of the events from 28 years ago.

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Wooden Cities

city table

James McNabb is a furniture maker, he uses a bandsaw to make these intricate city skylines out of discarded, and unusable scraps of wood.  I really like the above table.  Especially using the taller buildings as the legs.  It’s not practical for sitting around, or putting stuff under, but it does look cool.

curved city

While these things look cool, I can’t help but be concerned about all the dust that they will eventually collect.  All those nooks and carnies, dust magnets.

Here’s a nice video showing some more detail:


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I cannot view photos of real life hipsters without being reminded of Hipster Hitler.  Since it’s been quite awhile since I’ve had a post about Hitler, I feel this mention of him will do.


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Interactive Paper


That’s a nice innocent easy to make drawing.

Dutch Artist HuskMitNavn has these really interesting somewhat interactive drawing sculptures on paper that he’s made.


That one’es not bad either.  Ok, the cutting of the toothpaste stream would be challenging, but it would probably only take one try.

cork screw

Yea ok, I don’t know quite how the paper is ripped to get the types of cuts shown above.

I can’t quite find the original source on his site, but he has some interesting stuff there.  Nothing quite as cool as the above drawings though.  Here are some similar ones in a gallery marked Instagram Drawings.  Unfortunately, he has no link to his Instagram account that I can find.


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Wooden People

Wooden Woman

Peter Demetz is an Italian sculptor of an unusual medium – wood.  I’d say that wood is potentially more difficult to work with than marble or stone.  Wood can split very easily, and if it isn’t dried well, then the entire thing can get ruined.  Marble and stone can do the same, but at least you can drop wood and not really destroy too much of it.  Hmmm, ok, maybe marble or stone is more difficult of a medium.

This one is pretty good, look at the detail in the person.  You can see the grain in her back.  It’s pretty neat.

Wooden Woman walking

{Bored Panda|My Modern Met}

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BECausE I sAiD so!!

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Smoky Bottle Art

Smoke Bottle Art trees

Jim Dingilian has an unusual canvas for his art.  He uses the soot from burning candles to paint the inside of glass bottles.  Then, he uses Q-tips, needles, or skewers to etch away that smoky layer and create the works of art seen.  I really like the way he used the natural color of the glass bottle to accent the scene above.  The green on the bottom looks like gras,s the blue towards the sides looks like the sky, and all the while the brown/grey smoke is the trees.  Very innovative.

making smoke bottle art

It looks cool, doesn’t it?  Like building a ship in a bottle, it probably takes alot of time and patience.  That actually gives me an idea though, I wonder if he would be able to paint a scene around a ship build in a bottle?  It’s be hard, what would you do first, the scene, or the ship?  I think he should try.

Smoky bottle scene with wires


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Alternate History Thursday: Mars

On the 69th anniversary of the Roswell Incident, I bring you news of this mushroom cloud formation discovered on Mars.  It was taken last year by the Indian Space Research Organization’s Mars Orbiter and I’ve been sitting on this news ever since then.  Forgive me.

Mushroom Cloud

It looks like a mushroom cloud doesn’t it.  It also looks like there’s a crater below it, and another couple of craters nearby.  What could this be??

Let’s speculate!!!!!!!!

{Tech Malak}