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nintendo’s backside

So here is the first shot of the back on the Nintendo Revolution. The thing that bothers me is not the increased girth, but the combined AV port. This means there are no more hopes of surround sound being supported, unless Nintendo has something weird up their sleeves, which could be, it kinda look proprietary to me….

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so disappointing…

Kensington has introduced a new flash drive…hardly news, although the 4 GB size is nice….

The 4GB flash drive encrypts all data with 128-bit AES, and then adds an extra layer of security: a self destruct feature. If anyone tries to use a brute-force attack to guess your password, the drive will automatically erase itself after 25 wrong guesses.

It’s too bad really. Let somebody like me near that. At the very least half of it would break off and then crumble into a teeny tiny little powder before bursting into flames just so it could singe the eyebrows of the would be hacker. Or spray indelible ink everywhere…I mean come on! Use your imagination!

ohhhhh if I could only work for a place like that….

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bill gates is a [not cool person]

I guess owning the world’s largest software company and also owning the title “Richest Man in the World” doesn’t do much for your feelings towards others.

Recently, a new non profit organization called One Laptop Per Child (olpc) has risen in the hopes of making it easier to educate children of third world countries. These machines create an instant wireless network among all the others in the local area and the organization hopes to provide the “backbone of the internet” at a very low cost. And because of the fact that some of these small villages in the middle of nowhere have no access to electricity, there is the option of powering them by a handcrank.

The thing that really gets Bill though, is the screen size apparently…

“If you are going to go have people share the computer, get a broadband connection and have somebody there who can help support the user, geez, get a decent computer where you can actually read the text and you’re not sitting there cranking the thing while you’re trying to type,” Gates said. “The last thing you want to do for a shared use computer is have it be something without a disk[…]and with a tiny little screen.”

In defense of Bill, on one of the mockups on the official site, the screen looks to be little bigger than a childs hand, maybe 4 inches or so diagonal. But I’m pretty sure Gates and Co. just introduced that little handheld called the UMPC (another great Microsoft name…*cough*mediaplayer11*cough*) with a 7 inch diagonal screen. Let’s think about this. Which one will have a higher resolution? Which one will you really have to squint at without having to change the resolution?

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Classy, Bill. And seriously…”shared use?” He’s commenting on something he doesn’t even know about…everybody read it together now….one…..laptop…….per…….child.

thank you and goodnight
EDIT: He’s probably just pissed it’ll be running Linux

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I don’t think we like Sony

It’s about time for a good old fashioned Sony bashing, mostly focusing on the new proprietary (read: horrible) format from Sony. I think it’s fair to say that The Admin, Steve and I all agree that Blu-Ray will fail. There’s a couple reasons for this, the price is the biggest worry of Blu-Ray. And not just the players, which are expected to cost no less than $1000.
The movies themselves are going to set people back quite a few dollars more than a DVD. The wholesale price of discs are $23.45, with new releases costing somewhere north of $30.

Seems a lot for a nation of people that complain about paying $10 to go see a new movie in the theatre. The best part of this though, is that the fate of the Blu-Ray format will greatly effect the PS3. This is purely speculation, but what happens to Sony’s new “entertainment device” or whatever they call it these days as opposed to a “gaming device.”

So let’s imagine Blu-Ray is a failure and HD DVD is cheaper and more readily available, which is certainly possible, with HD DVD players running as much as $500 cheaper. With the PS3 coming out in November it is highly possible that Sony will lose their big selling point of the PS3 having an affordable (ha!) Blu-Ray player. It won’t matter if no one likes the format. With the DVD Forum fully backing HD DVD and leaving Sony to deal with Blu-Ray, it’s amazing to me that people are actually still interested in this. And honestly, even Sony is making HD DVD players. Mixed messages anyone?

And finally, Sony is losing money all over the place. They only have one appeal left until they’ll have to pay $90 million in fines and remove the Dual Shock from the shelves forcing them to develop their own “Rumple Pak” technology…


Jupiter’s new red storm

I know that Slashdot already posted this, but NASA is saying that Jupiter’s famous red storm is now in for some competition. A new storm, birthed from 3 smaller white storms, has over the past 6 years, turned red. While it isn’t as big as the Great Red Spot, it certainly gave some insight into how it was born. Why it’s red however, is still a mystery.

Oval BA first appeared in the year 2000 when three smaller spots collided and merged. Using Hubble and other telescopes, astronomers watched with great interest. A similar merger centuries ago may have created the original Great Red Spot, a storm twice as wide as our planet and at least 300 years old.

At first, Oval BA remained white—the same color as the storms that combined to create it. But in recent months, things began to change

Seems pretty cool to me. The Great Red Spot is estimated to be around 300 years old, possibly older. No one realy knows how it formed, and here NASA scientists have been watching something similar develop over the past few years. Does that mean a new Jupiter Mission? Probably not, NASA seems too preoccupied with going back to the moon.

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apple’s crazy

I hate to say I told you so…but I did.

No new iPods, but a new accessory. See it here

This is defintely a huge waste of money. It’s $350, the same retail as my ProMedia Ultras…and you can only plug in an iPod to it. Wow. For my money and for compatibility with your Nano, I’d go with the $280 Klipsch iGroove

Has slightly lower specs, but I’ve heard the iGroove and it is amazing and so much less expensive.

Also, the new Mini disappoints me. Thanks to Steve for pointing out to me that the base price is now $600. When the Mini was first introduced, it was marketed as the first $500 Apple computer. They have added two USB 2.0 ports and integrated headphone/optical audio out though, which is a great improvement, plus its utilizing DDR2.
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weekly nintendo stuff

So normally I’d only tackle one rumor or piece of information at a time, but this week has been filled with so many I feel the need to comment on two.

There is big news out there about at least 3rd gen dev. kits being circulated around 3rd party developers. Awesome news. But it’s not the 1,000 that everyone and their mother is reporting it to be. Read the quote closely:

 “We have shipped over a thousand controller dev kits to developers so that they can begin getting experience with the controller mechanics”

All this means is that developers are finally getting their hands on software to start fully messing with the new controller. The best news? This means I’ll bet at least one dev. will leak something and with reports of more secrets involved in the controller…times are good for nintendo fans.

Secondly, for all those reporting that the stand is also the power supply.

No it isn’t!

That made absolutely no sense to begin with. The purpose of an external power brick is to take that huge heat source and keep it away from the processor, which helps the processor keep cool and the sytem run better. Seriously.

 I don’t even feel like linking this one at all, partly because class is over now.




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google and vw

So now the two most recent companies to have seen the light as far as google is concerned are graphics chip maker Nvidia and German auto maker Volkwagen. The two are working together to create a new navigational system in a prototype VW vehicle that uses Google Earth (which is an amazing, amazing program. Get it here)

The two companies are working with the graphics chipmaker Nvidia Corp. to build an in-car navigation map system and a three-dimensional display so passengers can recognize where they are in relation to the surrounding topography.

This is pretty interesting news, although cars have had top down view only nav. systems, being able to actually see where you are in relation to a building in New York City or Boston (two notoriously hard cities to drive in) would be amazing! Plus its Google, and they are totally starting to take over the world by branching out like this.

Read about it here


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Intel 2

I only call this Intel 2 because Steve already made a post about Intel which he named Intel…or some such nonsense…and I hate him he beat me to this topic.
I wasn’t actually planning on posting this, mainly because I’m tired, but there’s more Intel news that greatly concerns Apple. While it’s great that the new Core Duo’s are 64-bit (thank God) I still pretty much thought this kind of chip would leave the succesor to the PowerMac G5 greatly underpowered. With that, I give you the quad-core Intel chip codenamed Clovertown.

According to this, it’s more powerful than the current Xeon chip, and uses less electricity. Good things, but the article hints at this only being for a server.

I really do hope that Apple has some plans for at least some variation of this chip for the new PowerMac, which I speculate will be out by November. Also, just because Steve Jobs can, and the increased net worth I’m sure he’s gained with the acquiring of Disney and Pixar, I hope to see two of these bad boys in the top end PowerMac. Along with slots for 32 gigs of ram…not that I’d ever….ever be able to use that much, I’m sure somebody at Industrial Light and Magic is drooling at that possibilty.

I look forward to next month to here more on this new project of Intel’s.


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the real video ipod?

Think Secret seems to think that Apple is playing us all for fools. Less than 6 months after the introduction of the 5G iPod, they’re saying that Apple is planning on releasing a true video iPod on April 1.

link here

Many things make me concerned about this. Ok…well two but whatever. Or more, all depends on how my brain feels like working.

Apple is already facing a class action suit because people are pissed that the screens of their nanos are scratched…what will they ever do if something the size of a 5G iPod was just a screen? It’s something that would have to be fixed…and quickly.
I don’t think that Apple would do this…just my personal opinion. Steve seems to think that the patents recently taken out by Apple regarding touch screen technology has more to do with an Apple tablet, which would be ten times more interesting, especially with an Intel Duo.

And yes, Apple’s anniversary may be April 1st. But remember what April 1st is? Yeah. Remember what happened last year on April 1st? There was a big announcement all over google regarding the Apple nPod, a gaming device that looked almost exactly like the mockup of this.