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UC Berkeley Band Mixes Video Games and Football

Anybody who knew me in high school would obviously understand why after not posting in months, I had to post this.

The University of California Berkeley Marching Band has done something a little different for their halftime shows. Most bands, including the ones I was in, play a wide variety of music. Some of the shows I have been in used “Pirates of the Caribbean” music. One year we did three Chicago songs and another year we stuck to The Beatles.

But the UCMB decided to play video game songs. Classic video game songs, and represented them all with on field formations.

This makes me sad that our college doesn’t have a football team, if only for the fact that it means no marching band. Let me tell you something, getting changed in a school bus traveling down the highway is an experience.

Anyway, my personal favorite is the ending sequence, followed closely by the very beginning.

From: Kotaku


Amazing Lightning Picture

I found this on gaming site Kotaku relating to something completely not important, something about the Wii selling a lot in Australia, but I thought it was a great lightning picture.


I really love lightning pictures, especially at night lightning pictures.


Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods

So Indiana Jones is actually being filmed. Hopefully it will not be an abomination. But I woke up this morning surprised by a headline on the front page pf my local newspaper saying, “‘Indiana Jones’ casting call starts today.” I give it a read, thinking that its just for extras and for some random reason the casting office decided to try and go through the Northeast to try and get extras as opposed to Hollywood.

I was surprised.

Turns out they’re filming a chase scene through Yale University and a downtown New Haven, CT street. I am actually pretty anxious to see this and plan on going to see any of the pre or post production work that will be going on in the next few weeks.

Bottom line is that they’re going to transform the area to look like its 1957 and I am pretty excited to see that. And you can bet that if I can get pictures of the set or just the area they will be here first.

Its going to be pretty busy in New Haven though. The Arts and Ideas Festival is in full swing, the Jazz Festival starts in a few weeks and the city will start showing movies on the Green (I wonder if any of them will be Indiana Jones) and now it will be taken over by film peoples.


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Destroy the Castle!

It seems simple enough…

Intel released a demo showcasing how improved a game or any kind of program can get when it is purposed for multiple cores. But this “game” turned out to be a lot more fun than I ever could have imagined. Just take aim and fire at a castle and watch it crumble into a million pieces. Move your cannon around and try and knock things down with one hit…it has seriously entertained me for at least an hour this morning.
Destroy the Castle uses only your CPU, not your graphics card to draw the scene, calculate physics and AI (which is really just a bunch of bug things that you can squish with your cannonball) and particles. When you first load it up, it is running in single threaded mode.  With an overclocked Core 2 Duo here are the results:


Only roughly 20 FPS which is hardly fluid and enjoyable. So let’s add the other core!


240 FPS! Unbelievable. I want to know how this works on Pentiums and Quads. I’ve read that the quads don’t do much better than 240…even though this demo was designed for the quads. But I still want to see how a Pentium 4 with Hyper-Threading fares on this demo…maybe steve can shed some light on it if he gets his laptop on.

Download it here 


Ender’s Game

For those of you unaware of this book, first of all read it. Now. Secondly, I have to say this was probably the best book I had to read for school ever. Plus it got me into the follow-up books which are even more amazing.

Anyway, the wonderful comic xkcd has an interesting take on the Battle Room scenes…a way I never thought of them before…

The best part is the image description which says:

“Bean actually sabotaged it just to give Dink the excuse to make that joke.”



Evolving Robots?

In case you were fairly unaware, we seem to have a fixation with robots taking over the world and destroying the human race.  It’s kind of hard not to think that way, especially when people invent things like hardware that can evolve itself.

The details are a little sparse, but more or less this single PCB board can turn “genes” on and off to figure out the best way to handle a given situation. The result?

Just like in the real world it can take 20 to 30 thousand generations before the system finds the perfect design to solve the problem, but this will happen in just a few seconds compared to the 8-900.000 years it took humans to go through the same number of generations.

That’s great. Really it is. Right now they hope to implement this technology in construction of oil pipelines that go incredibly deep and would not be easy to communicate with so the robots would be able to think out problems they come across on their own.

But how long until we get fire-breathing robots that can figure out how to get past the human obstacle?

read more {Slashdot}

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Goldeneye Source is Out

Granted it’s a Beta 1. But whatever, I’ve always been one to try out things that are even Alpha releases…or things that straight up shouldn’t work. My first copy of Vista got installed on my laptop over a year ago. That was fun…deleted it’s own boot registry. Anway.

Download it here

Judging by the video that Steve posted a while back, it looks like it should be an amazing game. It was when it came out on the N64 and with improved visuals and the stability of the Source engine this should be great. And just so everyone knows I have downloaded it so I did not direct you to something where you will get a million viruses or anything. However, I really don’t feel like playing it on an old P4 laptop with 64MB of video RAM. I’ll wait to actually run it on my computer with an overclocked Core 2 Duo and an 8800GTX.

Official site


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3 Million Wiis

In an effort to prove Steve wrong/start contributing to the blog again I bring to you this:

According to Nintendo’s little white (or black with gold Triforce) console has been sold over 3 million times. In a little over a month Nintendo has managed to sell about 41% of what the XBox 360 has sold in over a year. Granted, I like the 360…and it has sold well throughout the past year (as long as you don’t count Japan). The 360 HAS, however, kept up it’s sales figures. Anyone remember what it was like trying to get a 360 on eBay? It was horribly hard to get one for under $600 even after Christmas. As I look on eBay now a 60 GB PS3 with a bid started at $650 by a guy obviously just trying to make his money back has had NO BIDS for the past 7 days. The rest of the pack doesn’t look too good either, with mostly 20 GB models but almost nothing crossing over the $1000 mark.

In fact, even with the manufacturing shortages and whatnot Sony has only managed to sell approximately 1.18 million PS3’s in the same span of time as the Wii has sold 3.19 million. And there are more and more reports of PS3’s being in stock and not being sold or returned because of consumer interest in the Wii.

Of course even with the huge amount of consoles out there they are still incredibly hard to find. I have woken up at very early o’clock in the morning twice now to only be 4 or 5 too late to get my hands on one. And now that I’ve had a slight mishap involving my RAZR and a wall (pictures later), it looks like some of my Wii fund will be going to buying me a new phone.

Steve, congratulations on the nearly a billion comments on the Triforce Wii.


iTunes 7.0

Oh man I love using the same title over and over again. Like Steve I recently installed iTunes 7.0 That was also the same day I reformatted my computer. After installing the drivers and Creative software for my sound card I noticed this horrible horrible buzzing noise whenever the speakers were up high, even without any music playing through them. Mike told me it was ghosts. So we took my card out of the PCMCIA slot and saw some schmutz on the connectors. We took the schmutz off and plugged it back in. No noise. Wonderful!

Honestly, no one likes to hear bad noise coming out of their Klipsch speakers. It makes your brain hate you. Trust me.

But now whenever I play anything on iTunes, it still crackles and makes a lot of noise…but only when music is playing. I can put the speakers up to 80 with no noticeable extraneous noise. Well well, it seems like Apple screwed this one up:

Specifically, users on Apple’s web forums and our own tipsters are reporting that some new nanos aren’t being recognized in Windows iTunes 7, music being played through iTunes 7 sounds “scratchy” at times[emphasis mine], CoverFlow doesn’t always entirely download properly, and there are allegations that iTunes 7 has become, slow, bloated, and a resource hog.

Oh man I have spent three days trying to clean off every single connector on my sound card so that I can listen to music. My ears are way too sensitive to listen to anything that’s crackling so I just havent had any sound at all and it makes me sad. It’s a good thing I still have the installer for iTunes 6.4

Source: Engadget

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August 23rd…Write it Down

Joystiq did some deep sleuthing and figured out when Nintendo will drop the sheets on everything else they care to tell us about Wii. According to the German Games Convention Website:

Nintendo has stated they would reveal launch details, including pricing, sometime in September. August 23 might be close enough for a revelation or two.

And oh man, it’s right there in black and white (and maybe some other colors…) Nintendo will be giving an address entitled “Wii Will Prove Our Promise.”

I’m excited

source: joystiq