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Earth Day

Welcome to Earth, 3rd Rock from the Sun.  Today is the day that we celebrate it.  I’m not sure why, something from the 1970s.  Anyway despite what you might think you know about me, I do support the earth.  I like it, I love it, I want some more of it.  In fact, I’ve gone far out of my way to visit some of it’s most beautiful places.

Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about the National Parks of the United States of America.  Currently there are 61 of them.  (Whether or not some actually deserve to be named parks is up for debate, but not here).  I have been to 28 of them.  Not everyone is represented on my website yet as a full review, (there’s not enough time in the day), but I have photos from them all.  I’m not posting 28 photos here, just some of my favorites.  So, check out the jump, read all about it, and remember, stay in school.

Dream Lake
Towards the end of our time at Dream Lake we got rewarded with nice puffs of clouds with deep blue skies.


Rocky Mountain National Park is beautiful, it’s especially beautiful at sunrise.

Mount Rainier
What a picturesque view. A bridge leading to a trail that follows a stream that might lead to the top of the mountain.
My most recent trip was to Mount Rainier, a beauty if you can get Mother Nature to cooperate with you that is.


Gates of the Arctic
Not the River we’d be rafting on, but a nice valley of one.

Gates of the Arctic really is something special, there’s nothing like untouched wilderness and being among the first humans to see things.

The Badlands
It’s hard to immagine, but this was shot at 10pm under a full moon. I processed it a bit, but only to deepen the colors a bit.


Night at The Badlands under a full moon was eerie.

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