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Would you like a Kool Kandy Kane?

Candy Canes are a traditional Christmas delicacy.  And I use the word delicacy lightly.  It’s not exactly rare.  It is one of those things though that you really only see at one time of the year.  If you ever wondered how they are made, here are a series of videos curtesy of MAKE that show you just that.  Check after the jump for them all, I don’t want to bog down the home page with YouTube.

Usually How It’s Made is pretty good, this one was kind of boring.  If you want to see how they’re made by hand, you can watch the last bit of this video below.  He’s making gigantic Candy Canes though.


This one is my favorite video though.  Watch as this skilled artist pulls out the candy into long ropes over and over.  I think it’s mesmerizing honestly.


Well, now that you know how easy they are to make, why don’t you go ahead and make some this year?  I’m sure they’ll be a kick!


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