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Stub Stumbler

Are you ready kids?!

I can’t hear you!

Are you ready?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Hitler President

You see, this is just an incorrect combination of people.  The quote works, but the people, not so much. {Imgur}


A big negative to this method is that you would get poop all over your hands. {Imgur}

Small Government Story

My favorite part is when the Eagle named “Small Government” comes in. {Imgur}


I find this a nice way to show how technology has removed the need for so many other things that were parts of every day life.  However, some things are better in the physical world, photos, newspapers, and staplers being the big ones I think. {reddit}

vortex fountain

This is a pretty ace fountain don’t you think? {Imgur}

cookie 11

That’s how I remember it, don’t you? {Imgur}

WW2 Battle

I’m also pretty sure this is how I learned that WW2 actually was fought {imgur}.

hot sauce fountain

I gotta say, I’ve never thought of that before {reddit}

Santa on Fire

This is what happens when you leave a fire in your fireplace on Christmas Eve.  Don’t leave a fire in your fireplace on Christmas Eve if you want to see Santa {reddit}

This was filed under /r/programinghumor, I just think it’s pretty dang neat and impressive of those people.

Seriously, wtf is going on here? {reddit}

This looks like a combination of super fun, but super exhausting and dangerous at the same time.  Probably better for kids. {reddit}

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