LEGO Speaker System


Finished LEGO Speaker

Well, more accurately, it’s a single sub-woofer, not an entire system.  And, technically, it’s made of LEGO(R) compatible blocks.  But hey, let’s stop with the specifics, it’s a speaker, it’s DIY, and it’s gotten me on an urge to make my own – properly.

This LEGO speaker was built by reddit user /u/FanOfSport.  It’s pretty ace if you ask me.  I don’t know if mike ever posted, but he went on a major speaker building initiative while we were in college.  I never really cared so much for them, my ears are not as trained as that and I’d rather pay someone for it.  All that being said, I love making things, and I love LEGOs.  Ever since I saw this on reddit last week, I’ve wanted to make my own.  Unfortunately, I don’t know the first about making speakers, and I don’t really care so much, I want to make a simple box like this, except not a sub-woofer, just a simple speaker.  Oh well, I have time, maybe I’ll start looking into how to make it.  Or maybe I’ll just give up and buy regular ones.

Building the Speaker:

building Speaker

Adding in the insides:

adding insides to the speaker

He’s got a large Imgur album here that you can look though on the whole process.

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