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Alternate History Thursday: Year Over

The Date: December 39, 20009.  The Time: 11:59 PM.  The Mission: Revenge.

After nearly 300 years of waiting the Krimerians were finally going to get their due.  They had been brutally defeated by Humanity in the Great Pllaki War.  But times have changed.  Humanity has softened up and apologized for the atrocities they committed all those years ago.  Most of the galaxy sees it as an empty gesture, after all, the Krimeria Empire was the great aggressor. Never matter, the reasons why the war started are irrelevant, what does matter is the solution.

For the last 300 years a subset of Krimerians has been plotting, stockpiling, and planning the ultimate revenge attack on Humanity.  No one is quite sure where human’s home planet is.  For all the arrogance of humanity, they’ve managed to keep it a closely guarded secret.  They really are untrusting of others.  Through the use of spies, and social engineering, and hacking, they have uncovered the home planet, located in a small deserted part fo the galaxy in a relatively quiet solar system.  The planet is designated “Earth” on the intergalactic charts.  Being species that ultimately mapped the majority of the galaxy, they were the ones that named things.  Charting the waters of space and discovering all the known, and unknown riches.

The Sol System, is barren.  It’s noted as a 7 planet system a system of asteroid belts making navigation difficult.  None of the planets support life, and all the minerals have been stripped by an ancient civilization that seems to have died out millennia ago.  Indeed, the area around Sol is like the fabled Bermuda Triangle, ships approaching it often times disappear without a trace.  The Krimerians think this is all a ruse by the humans to hide their home.

Eleven light years away a fleet is being amassed.  At the start of the new age they will make the instantaneous jump into the Sol System.  An invasion fleet of over 100,000 ships will flood the system.  Earth, and humanity will fall.

The Date: January 01, 20010.  The Time: 01:17 AM.  The Result: Total Loss.

We do not know if our transmissions are leaving the system.  There is a strange field enveloping the light year surrounding Sol.  Earth is confirmed as the home planet of Humanity.  It is impenetrable.  The humans, if you can even still call them that, that inhabit this planet are far more advanced than those which defeated us 300 years ago.  Indeed, they might as well be gods.  I fear all we have done is awake a sleeping giant.  We are in a small shuttle craft, drifting among the wreckage and are unnoticed.  Though I have a feeling that these humans just don’t care about us, we are trapped here with little food, and running out of atmosphere.  Our course is taking us into the 4th planet of the system where an even more sinister species lives according to the scouting we’ve done.

We have made a grave mistake.

Forgive us.

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