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I do Nothing

For a period of 15 years starting in 1948 Lawrence Wahlstrom, the retired clock maker and by all means armature engineer, added many gears to a old WW2 bomb sight.  The actual number of gears is unknown, he stopped counting, or lost count, or both.  It’s over 700 though.

What do all these gears do?


That’s right, this is an elaborate toy.  A toy that has over 700 moving parts and surprisingly, doesn’t make that much noise.  It’s pretty neat though.  I think anyway.  I like cool useless things like this.  If you want to go see this marvel in person, you need to head to Carlsbad California, specifically the Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum.  They’re open 5 days a week and seem to have tons of neat things to do and play with.

{Craftsmanship Museum|Futility Closet}

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