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Alternate History Thursday: Blackness

Common American folklore states that Thanksgiving was when the Indians helped the pilgrims from the Mayflower survive the winter.  This is mostly true, however, the real history can be traced back to the colonists from Roanoke.  They are the reason why this feast is celebrated, though not for what you would think.  Read on, for a gripping conclusion to last month’s AHT!

When I left off in the story, the colonists from Roanoke had all gathered around the hole they dug around a strange artifact in order to stay warm for the winter.  A portal transported the colonists somewhere, and the hole they dug was covered.

Inside of the metal structure, the colonists were surprised.  If any person from a modern day, 2016 era Western city were transported inside, they would feel at home.  The colonists from the late 1500s on the other hand had no idea what they were seeing.  Sleek mirror buildings, giant, noisy mechanical carts joined together miles long, flameless light.  This was a strange place.  What was even more, there seemed to be no trace of additional humans within, there was plenty of food though.

The colonists found food, and shelter, they made themselves comfortable in what was unknown levels of luxury, and went along their lives in whatever sense of a daily manor they could.  There was nothing to farm, nothing to prepare, there was only exploration.  At the heart, this was why all of these people made the journey across the ocean.

Time seemed to pass normally to the colonists within this space.  No matter how far they explored, they never reached the edges of the metal box.  It must have extended the entire length of the continent.  What was extra strange though was the lack of an ocean.  Roanoke was settled by the ocean, yet there was no trace of one.  There were rivers, and streams, and some small lakes, but no salty ocean.  Only the more inquisitive, and worrisome of the colonists seemed to worry about this.  Everything was being taken care of for them, so they made due with their lives.  Some even wondered if they had all died at the bottom of that hole, and that this was Heaven.

It was not Heaven. It was not Hell either.  It was something much different.

7,127 years ago a fleet of aliens visited the earth.  This isn’t the normal alien visitation that you hear of in the news.  This was a true invasion fleet.  Except, it wasn’t hostile.  The Centurians knew that earth was beyond primitive to their technology, so they didn’t see us as a threat, in the current reality that is.  The Centurians are one of the few beings able to transcend space-time.  Certain ones have the ability to travel at will among different points in time, and into different parallel dimensions. Naturally, this ability is sought after – they marry into families that had had it in the past, but it seems to be completely random.

This unique ability is used for personal gain.  Some Centurians believed that humanity would pose a risk in sub-dimension SSf09-degu, 5,101 years from then.  Internal battles raged while an exploratory fleet was sent out to Earth to determine what the actual threat was.

Tune in next time to hear what they found!

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