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Soothing Dominoes

There’s something about watching thousands of dominoes fall down in a choreographed way that is soothing.  I think it’s the dedication to the colors that gets me.  All that time spent getting the hues to line up, especially with the two-toned dominoes, so the setup side is one color, but when knocked down you get a different one.  There’s a lot of dedication to setting something like that up.

Lilly Hevesh, who goes by Hevesh5 on YouTube has some pretty neat setups.  Including this mesmerizing triple spiral. Honestly, I think I would call it a quadruple spiral, but I’m not the artist, so I won’t complain.

She has quite a lot of domino videos.  It’s amazing the amount of time spent setting all those up only to destroy it in under a minute.  I guessed wrong in this race.  Will you?  Hint, pay attention to the lines and the ways the dominoes are knocked down.


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