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Alternate History Thursday: Halloween

I honestly hate this “holiday”  Even if it’s a glorified reason to dress up in less clothes, that’s demeaning towards people haven’t you heard?

In West Roanoke 1588 the remains of the original alien invaders to earth were discovered by the colonists there. The primitive colonists had no idea what this type of technology was, or this type of anatomy.  Being on a brand new continent, they simply thought that their European brothers were about to stumble upon something that was far beyond them.  Naturally, this troubled them, and they made it their duty to investigate the remains, so they started digging, and digging.  They dug all through the winter for it was an important enough find that they needed answers, also, the area around the remains remained much warmer than the colony site just a mile away.

After months of digging, they reached the base of the remains.  Or what seemed like it to them that is.  A solid, seamless metal structure was at the 117 foot level.  The colonists tried to dig horizontally but they did not have the resources or ability to get very far.

Eventually, the harsh winter caught up with the colonists.  They had exerted too much energy uncovering this monument and they ran out of stored food.  As a group, they descended onto the warm monument in hopes that the warmth would attract animals they could trap and eat.  When the last colonist reached the bottom an unknown portal opened up taking them inside.  Gravity waves moved all of the excavated soil back over the hole.  Any visible trace of this project had vanished.

What happened to the colonists?  We currently do not know.  I know though, since I’m telling you this much, I must know what happens next.  Stay tuned next time for the gripping conclusion to Alien Invasion – Roanoke.

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Cats vs. Lobsters

Just enjoy the above video of cats being fun and curious animals with a bowl of water with a fish and lobster in it.  It’s fun, enjoy it.


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Making an Engine

The above video should be watched with a grain of salt and an hair of irony given the latest VW settlement.  Oh, did you not know that?  VW cheated on the emissions last year.  It was all over the news, their stock lost 30% of it’s value.  Pretty crazy times.  Did you also know that I own a car effected by that?  I do.  I plan on keeping it though, it’s a super fun car to drive and I can get 55 miles per gallon.  Although, it looks like that’s all because of cheating.  Oh well.


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Secrets of Super Mario 64

With the advent of emulators, and being able to mess around with the underlying game code we’re able to learn all sorts of new interesting stuff about games.  I also find it interesting that people spend the time to dissect the game to find these little inconsistencies.

One such person is YouTube user UncommentatedPannen, he’s uploaded dozens of videos detailing the little parts of Super Mario 64.  It’s super interesting all of the research and effort he spent analyzing the level and finding this slope that’s just slightly off to cause the coins to spawn wrong.


Ski Season Is About to Begin

So watch this video that I’m pretty sure I’ve never posted before of some guy skiing at night with flares attached to him.  It’s pretty cool, though pretty dangerous.  I like to ski, though I don’t think I’d ever do something like that.


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Post Ranger Game

A photo posted by Stephen G (@lord.xeon) on

Rangers Blimp
The Ranges fly a blimp around the inside of the Garden during the intermissions. I didn’t see it drop anything, though other people have said other teams have done similar things and it would drop raffle tickets, or give-aways and stuff.

The game was a Win in my book, and The Rangers.  It’s always a fun time to get up and sing the goal song.

There’s an Original 6 match up tonight.  What you don’t know what the Original 6 is?  Go read the wikipedia article on it, I don’t have time to paraphrase it.

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World Series

What is this a sports post that isn’t regarding the New York Rangers?  Heck, it isn’t even regarding a New York based team?  Are you for-real?  Yes, I am for real.  Tonight marks the start of the World Series between two equally cursed teams – The Chicago Cubs, and the Cleveland Indians.  I wasn’t aware of the Indians’ curse, though everyone should be of the Cubs.  That being said, this will be a great series I’m sure.  Baseball is my second favorite sport (if you don’t count some of the Olympic ones that is).  Let’s hope that everything works out.

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Server Reset

Today marks the first time my server uptime/IP script had to be called into use.  You should be happy to know that we should have only experienced an hour or so of downtime (depending on DNS caching where you are).  Yay for technology!

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Rangers Hockey

Is where I am.  Look for some ace photos tomorrow, or tonight when I return from the game.

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Interactive Paper


That’s a nice innocent easy to make drawing.

Dutch Artist HuskMitNavn has these really interesting somewhat interactive drawing sculptures on paper that he’s made.


That one’es not bad either.  Ok, the cutting of the toothpaste stream would be challenging, but it would probably only take one try.

cork screw

Yea ok, I don’t know quite how the paper is ripped to get the types of cuts shown above.

I can’t quite find the original source on his site, but he has some interesting stuff there.  Nothing quite as cool as the above drawings though.  Here are some similar ones in a gallery marked Instagram Drawings.  Unfortunately, he has no link to his Instagram account that I can find.