All I Play-Oh


On the eve of the release of the greatest game on the Xbox 360 I re-present you this great video showing the game that re-defined everything.  Ok, maybe I over-exaggerated a bit, but like the general theme of the video, Halo is all I Play-Oh.  It was the reason I bought a Xbox, and an … Continued

Drone Racing


Drone Racing is a thing.  I’ve posted about it before, I can’t remember though if I posted about the Drone Racing League (DRL), I think I did.  It’s a cool thing to watch the highlights and edited videos of.  I’m not sure if I would watch a live race.  ESPN however is hoping differently.  On … Continued

Disappearing Lake


Unfortunately this isn’t just a magic act.  The above video shows the disappearance of the the once great Aral Sea in Kazakhstan.  This is a completely man-made “phenomenon” when the Soviets diverted water that fed into the lake for irrigation of crops.  Over time naturally, humans got greedy and wanted more water until eventually one of … Continued



This is the type of technology I want to see, fist-person view on a real life remote controlled car, not some lame thing on a track, 100% in your face, you control it, remote controlled car driving where ever you please at scaled speeds approaching 100mph.  This is the future my friends, where can I buy … Continued

Kobuk Valley


The next park in the list from my Alaska trip is Kobuk Valley.  Also above the Arctic Circle, this park is incredible mostly because of the uniqueness of the Sand Dunes.  The nice thing about this park was being able to stay in the same camp for a few days in a row.  Not having … Continued

DIY Bubblewrap Coasters


These epoxy coasters are pretty neat, even if the final product didn’t quite turn out how he wanted.  It’s actually something that anyone can make too.  Who doesn’t have lots of bubble wrap laying around?  I don’t have any epoxy though, I’d have to go to the store for that.  And, honestly, I wouldn’t use … Continued

737 Chair


Have you ever wondered how big the engines on a commercial airplane are?  They don’t look too big on the wings of planes right?  Well, this my friends is the cowling of the engine from a Boeing 737.  What exact engine model is not said, but that doesn’t really matter much does it?  The multi … Continued

Alaska in 360°


Remember the 360° camera I got earlier this summer.  Well, naturally I brought it with me to Alaska.  I took lots of 360° photos, and lots of video.  I even set it up to record a time-lapse of kayaking and hiking.  Unfortunately, Youtube highly compresses the 360 video.  Hopefully they’ll fix that little issue soon.

Alaskan Time-Lapse


You all should know that I’m a huge fan of time-lapses.  Well, on my trip to Alaska, I took quite a few of them, instead of making you watch each one individually, I put them all together in this short two minute video, and I included some sweet music to listen to it at the … Continued

Gates of the Arctic National Park


The park I was most excited to get to – Gates of the Arctic.  I spent 6 days on the Noatak River kayaking over 80 river miles with 11 awesome new friends.  It was some of the most fun I have ever had.  Instead of re-canting what I’ve spent countless nights putting together, I will … Continued