Astro Core


Having gotten more into the art of time-lapse, I’ve discovered that adding motion to them makes them that much better.  However, manually panning and tilting a tripod head is difficult and often gives poor results.  There are tons of dedicated motion controls out there.  However, I never really thought about how they are actually supposed to work.  Programming in motion is not a trivial task.  That’s where the people at Astro Core come in.  They have hooked up a normal rotating disc to Bluetooth and a smart phone app.  Using the gyroscope on your smart phone, move it in the motion you’d like to capture.  That gets translated into the code necessary to turn the disc properly.  They even work together, so you can have record movement in all 3 axis.

They have a Kickstarter, it still has 20 days left, but it’s already reached it’s goal.  They expect delivery by December 2016.  I’m thinking of getting one, I need clarity from the creators on if it will work with my camera though.  No use getting something that I can’t even use.

{Peta Pixel|Kickstarter}

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