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All I Play-Oh

On the eve of the release of the greatest game on the Xbox 360 I re-present you this great video showing the game that re-defined everything.  Ok, maybe I over-exaggerated a bit, but like the general theme of the video, Halo is all I Play-Oh.  It was the reason I bought a Xbox, and an Xbox 360, and an Xbox One.  Unfortunately with Bungie’s departure from the series, it probably won’t be a reason to buy any future Xbox that comes out.  Halo 5 was my least favorite of the series, there was not enough focus on The Master Chief, there was too much “evolved” spartan battle that just didn’t fit the Halo universe in my mind, and more importantly, there was no sense of urgency in the game.  In the original 3 it was one man against the Covenant and The Flood.  Both are missing in 5, instead you’re helping some Elites to kill other Elites, and you’re all too politically correct to call each other by what you really want to say – Elites and Demons, no it’s Sangheili, and Spartan.  Such a shame…

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