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737 Chair

737 Chair

Have you ever wondered how big the engines on a commercial airplane are?  They don’t look too big on the wings of planes right?  Well, this my friends is the cowling of the engine from a Boeing 737.  What exact engine model is not said, but that doesn’t really matter much does it?  The multi million dollar machine is not actually sitting back there, just the aluminium housing.  It looks much like an art project than something you could go out and buy unfortunately.  Which is quite alright because I’m sure it would fetch quite a premium.  And I wouldn’t have the space to properly display it in.  I don’t think it should be regulated to a corner like it is shown.  It should be front and center.  Maybe put a few speakers in the chair and you can have a really nice movie viewing pod.  Just be sure not to look into any flashing lights.

{reddit|Fallen Furniture}

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