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Nuclear Ice!

Nuclear Ice Breaker

Leave it to the Russians to come build the world’s largest nuclear powered ice breaker.  Hell, leave it to the Russian’s to build a nuclear powered icebreaker to begin with!  The Arktika clocks in at 569 feet in length, 112 feet wide, and able to haul 36,000 short tons.  It came with a sticker price of about $1.9 billion, which means it will have to punch through a lot of 10 foot ice flows to make up for it’s price tag.

I love nuclear power, and I wish more things would use it.  For clearing out ice in the frigid arctic ocean nuclear power sounds like a no-brainer.  It’s unfortunate that something like this would never take off in America.  Nuclear power can save the world, or it could be used to get us off this world.


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