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Colorful Coral: Time-Lapse

25,000 individual images shot over a year make up this beautiful time-lapse of coral moving in a way that humans couldn’t see normally.  Part of this project is to bring to light the plight that the Great Barrier Reef is undergoing due to changing climates and industrialization of the world.

It’s pretty spectacular solely because of the amazing colors that these animals make.  I really like the sucking of the water in when one is eating something at the beginning.  It’s pretty cool.

{Peta Pixel|Colossal}

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Re-creating Top Gun

There’s a scene in Top Gun where the jets are inverted and pictures are taken.  Naturally, it was a hit scene and people wanted to re-create it in real life.  Using the help of the Patriots Jet Team, photographer Blair Bunting fulfilled that goal. I think it’s super dangerous, but, let’s be honest, so are most awesome things.  Taking photos in planes upside down is nothing new, taking them only a few feet apart is something completely different though.  That required fast timing, luck, and training.  There’s lots of g-forces at play, and there’s also making sure that everything is within safety margins.

The final photo is pretty nice, but it looks quite fake to be honest though


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Alaska Video

I don’t think I shared this video with y’all.  I think it’s pretty neat.  Yes it’s 5 minutes long, but there’s alot there.  And damnit, I spent more time than I should have getting the music to sync up with the video well.  So you’ll watch it, and you’ll like it, and you’ll comment on it and say awesome job, can’t wait to see your next one!

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The Clock

The Clock

Gislain Benoit hand soldered this beautiful three-dimensional working clock that doubles as a work of art.  Contained above are all of the analog components necessary for a working clock in what you would typically find contained inside of a microchip.  What’s more, telling of the time is done via measuring the phases of electricity from a standard 60Hz US outlet.  Setting the time is done via magnets. Pretty ace if you ask me.

I particularly like the three  dimensional factor contained in the soldering of the components,  So often single two dimensions are used and for that reason electronics are pretty ugly.  But this one is really tastefully done.  I’m sure more time was spent drawing out the layout of the components than was spent soldering it all together.  Ok, maybe not.

component view

I know it’s mounted under glass, but I would still be concerned with those wires breaking, or getting shorted out.  I think covering it in epoxy would be a better solution.


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Debate 0

There’s a US Presidential debate on tonight?  Did you hear?  Now, I try not to get too political on this site, after all, there are plenty of other reasons to hate and vilify me, but you should watch it.  I’m sure it will be very entertaining to watch to say the least.

That’s all, public service announcement over.

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Halo in Halo

I’ll say what I want about Halo 5 – I hated it, it was the worst of the series – but the Forge abilities are astounding.

Xbox Live user xXBarthXx and presumably some buddies have made a literal Halo in the Halo game.  I find this pretty neat.

As the reddit comments suggest, a map like this that actually rotated would be pretty ace.  Hopefully 343 reads these forums and boards and will have something similar in Halo 6.  However, it will probably be half baked.  Here’s to hoping though.

Here’s a video of the gameplay.  It looks pretty interesting, but the video needs some editing, I don’t want or need to watch an 11 minute match.  But you can!



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Astro Core

Having gotten more into the art of time-lapse, I’ve discovered that adding motion to them makes them that much better.  However, manually panning and tilting a tripod head is difficult and often gives poor results.  There are tons of dedicated motion controls out there.  However, I never really thought about how they are actually supposed to work.  Programming in motion is not a trivial task.  That’s where the people at Astro Core come in.  They have hooked up a normal rotating disc to Bluetooth and a smart phone app.  Using the gyroscope on your smart phone, move it in the motion you’d like to capture.  That gets translated into the code necessary to turn the disc properly.  They even work together, so you can have record movement in all 3 axis.

They have a Kickstarter, it still has 20 days left, but it’s already reached it’s goal.  They expect delivery by December 2016.  I’m thinking of getting one, I need clarity from the creators on if it will work with my camera though.  No use getting something that I can’t even use.

{Peta Pixel|Kickstarter}

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The Simpsons Did it First

The Simpsons is about to start it’s 28th season tomorrow night.  Every year I look it up, and every year I’m astonished that it’s been airing almost my entire life.  Naturally, with something that has about 600 episodes to it’s name, it’s bound to have tried to predict something, or in the Simpsons’ universe, poke fun at something.  In fact, there’s an entire sub-reddit dedicated to times and things where The Simpsons’ did something, and then real life caught up to it. Some things are inevitable, while others are pretty out there, and still, a generation of people grew up watching and being inspired by the show, so it’s only fitting that those people took inspiration from it.

Indeed, that’s what half of the items in the above video are – directly influenced by The Simpsons, not some far out thing that the show invented first.  Still, it’s a quick video to watch, what do you have to loose?  After all, you are reading this, you can’t be doing something important.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night for the premier of the new season.  I’m sure it will be great, or it will suck, either way, people will talk about the show, because it’s still on, and it’s still upsetting people!


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Lake Clark

Beautiful Sunset

The 5th National Park on my list from Alaska is Lake Clark.  Located around Port Alsworth, I stayed at The General Lodge for a week.  From there were went on an overnight kayak trip, an all day hike, and explored the small town.  It was fun, The General was really a great spot, everything was taken care of for you!

Beaver Pond Reflection

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Jabba’s Sail Barge: Halo 5

Xbox Live user TyGoss recreated Jabba’s Sail Barge scene from Return of the Jedi in Halo 5’s Forge.  Seriously, it’s such a shame that I hate the multiplayer of Halo 5 or I would be back in playing it right now.  These levels look like a ridiculous amount of fun!  Maybe they’ll make it better in Halo 6, maybe, I don’t have faith though, none at all.

{reddit|Halo Waypoint}