a stumble awesome strange


BECausE I sAiD so!!

Ghost Buster Maze

Not sure if it’s a maze, or just a design carved into the field, either way, you’re busted it’s been shown to the world now. {reddit}

Future Quote

Yea, could it? {reddit}

curving rods

It’s magic {imgur}

Stupid Flickr wouldn’t let me save the photo without logging in. So I’ll use their bandwidth instead:
cedar falls 2003

Hitler Rainbow

Yes, Hitler riding a toboggan along a rainbow, this is the internetz {imgur}

Book Tree

Sure, this might be a few months early/late, but whatever.  It’ll give you an idea for this coming Christmas. {imgur}

Under a Bridge

This is the underside of a bridge.  Perspective is cool. {reddit}


Yea, this is wrong {reddit|Extra Fabulous Comics}

mummified baby

That’s a “mummified baby bird feeder”  Yes, someone made that.  You want to know what’s even scarier, someone (YOU!) can buy this right now on Etsy.  Please don’t. {reddit}

Trilogy Meter

Honestly, I’d up Indy 3, and make Indy 2 a smaller bar. {imgur}

Nazi Milk Girl

Apparently, this was some sort of art project, oh well, still wtf {reddit}

Stick Figure Tattoo

Honestly, I’m not sure why {imgur}


This was captioned: Using a public restroom.  I’d say it’s pretty accurate {reddit}

At least there’s an impressive way to clean public restrooms {reddit}

Gumball Machine

This is the only way Gumball machines should be made from now on. {reddit}

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