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Alternate History Thursday: Nagasaki

The Butterfly Effect from a few days ago, it’s still in effect today as 71 years ago Fat Man fell on the city of Nagasaki.  What would have happened if that butterfly didn’t flap it’s wings?  Read on for the crazy hyperbole that I came up with.

It’s common knowledge now that Russia was in no real state to launch a full fledged invasion of mainland (really, Japan is an island, how can it be called mainland) Japan.  But us red blooded Americans would have stopped at nothing to prevent the spread of the filth that is communism.  Instead of dropping a 2nd bomb, we decided to blockade the island, in the process cutting off the eventual Russian landfall, pissing off our one time allies.

While Japan whitters and starves to death, the commies are busy shipping their army from Berlin across Siberia onto the shore along the Bering Sea.  America has most of the Pacific fleet tied up surrounding Japan, waiting for them to surrender, but they will not, their honor prevents them from that shame.  Meanwhile, the Russians are able to gather until they reach critical mass and slowly move across the channel until they make landfall on Alaska.

Not yet a state but still very much American, the public is up in arms.  How could this former ally betray us like that?  And so close to the end?  Over the last 3 months (for it’s October now), America has been building atomic bombs, lots of them.  Truman orders the immediate atomic bombing of Tokyo.  1/3 of the Pacific fleet is left at Japan, turning into an occupier, while the rest are sent to deal with the Commies on the Alaskan shoreline.

Halfway around the world, Eastern Europe is a mess.  The Russians pulled out of Berlin, leaving the Americans and British to rebuild.  This means that there will be no east/west Berlin, so positive there.  However, winter is coming, and Truman, not wanting to make the same mistake that betrayed so many leaders before him, orders the atomic bombing of Moscow.  The Communists must be stopped at the source, or else they will spread their filth across the globe, unchecked.

By Christmas of 1945, World War 2 is over, but unlike what actually happened, America is left as the only one standing, and in control of a significant portion of the world’s natural resources.  If there ever was such a thing as a super power, America would be it.

Without the constant cold war between America and the Soviet Union, the world generally stabilizes.  Over the next 70 years Europe re-builds itself, America achieves what no one in hundreds of years could – conquer Russia.  With the addition of Japan and Russia, the United States of America grows to 75 individual states, and that old saying – “The Sun never sets on the British Empire,” well it’s reversed now, America is now the empire of the world.  But unlike the restrictions and rule of the crown that England, everyone in this empire is free.

If you’ve noticed I’ve left out India, China, Africa, and South America.  Things changed there, but much more broadly.  China never went communist, India and Pakistan still hate each other, the remnants of European colonialism in Africa was put out peacefully, with the oversight of the American super powers.  There’s still plenty more that has happened in the world, but that’s for another post.  I haven’t even gone into the technological changes.  All because of one small decision…

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