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Tiny1 Astrophotography Camera

The Tiny1 is an interesting concept camera.  Well, it’s about to become a real camera if the Indiegogo campaign is any indication.  It’s billed as a dedicated astrophotography camera that’s small, lightweight, and connected to social networks and the mobile world.  In practice, I’m not so sure what this camera offers that a traditional DSLR doesn’t but maybe it’s the price.  I will say that being able to take videos at a decent resolution and stacking the photos would help.  And the small size would make mounting it on telescopes much easier for balance.  But I struggle with the focus.  I’ve always had a hard time focusing cameras when attached to my telescope, and I don’t know if this will be any different.  Also, having a backlit display will be horrible for the necessary night vision eyes you need to effectively do any type of astro work.  But it’s a neat idea.


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