50 Scary Spots of the States


Thought Catalog has put together a list of the best urban legends from all 50 of the US States.  Most are pretty meh, a few you can tell were grasping, but a few are truly out there.  Especially the ones seeped in truth and conspiracy.

At first I thought that the Idaho Pocatello High School ghost sighting looked like the best of the list, but after watching the video, it’s the standard “best ghost evidence ever” that’s the M.O. of those types of shows.  So in other words, nothing concrete is shown.  Here’s the video if you want to see:

However, if you live in Vermont, here’s a list of 10 scary urban legends from just that state.  Surprisingly, there’s no overlap between the two.  I like the Though Catalog pick though, it’s more paranormal.

This tower is pretty cool though, even if people jumped off it and ghosts haunt it now.

ghost tower


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