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JPEG -> Animated GIF

Using the magic of technology, the folks over at Plotagraph Pro has come up with a way to turn basic flat JPEG images into animated GIFs.  Sort of like a cinemagraph, instead of needing to take a video though, or use layers in Photoshop, the software will use algorithms to animate the existing data in the image to create movement.  The interface looks straightforward, but it allows you to do some complicated things by adding swirls, and curves, really, you’re limited by your imagination.

I think this is pretty cool, but it’s not cheap, and it’s not available to the general public yet.

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American WiFi

Camera Master

This is a great comic that goes over the unfortunate importances people place on things that don’t matter on cameras, or tech in general.  Left Handed Toons in general is one of the more enjoyable web-comics I read.  I actually do read it, as opposed to blindly subscribing to it and checking once a week.

Honestly, it’s the “finest American Wi-Fi” line that got me.  Gold.

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You Can Never Prevent Judgment Day

YouTube user John Chapman and some of his buddies took some, quite a lot according to them, to recreate the motorcycle chase scene from Terminator 2: Judgment Day in the video game Grand Theft Auto 5.  They didn’t do a perfect job of it, but honestly, I think that’s better.  The subtle differences make for a more unique perspective.

The rest of the videos on his channel are heavy on GTA:5, no problem there but none of them have the name recognition as T-2.


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Please watch The Last Ship

There are very few television shows I get excited about.  I’ve told you before about The Last Ship.  I’m telling you again.  Season 3 is about to wrap up, there’s only 2 more episodes left, there’s still time for you to catch up on the previous 2 and 3/4 seasons streaming it somewhere.

This show is a rollercoaster of action and drama.  I think my favorite part though is that the writers don’t pull punches.  They also take advantage of being a cable show by using and showing violence, but not be gratuitous with it.  It’s safe to watch with older kids, and it’s mostly accurate from a military point of view (at least as far as I can tell and research that is).

I won’t spoil anything, just go watch it please.  I want a 5th season (season 4 has already been renewed).


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Wrangell-St. Elias

I told you I would have some photos, and now I do.  At least part of the trip anyway.  Here are some photos from Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.  I have some of the other parks done, but not fully uploaded yet, if you’re savvy you could find them, or you could wait.  I bet you’ll wait.

The last day started out the best, but ended in some nasty weather. Our hike to a waterfall took us though lush meadows like this though, and all the rain kept them nice and fresh.


Ice and Trees
The Nizina Glacier flowing into the background.
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Dangerous Woodworking

There’s some pretty neat machines in here that mill wood, work with wood, and do all sorts of things to wood.  I like the bread cutting device 3 or 4 minutes in, that thing looks inefficient, but cool.  Cutting that giant cedar log down just off center though took forever.  It makes sense how slow it needs to be, but for the video, it should have been sped up.

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Happy Birthday NPS!

100 years ago Congress created the National Park Service to oversee management and protection of the various lands that were quickly being protected by presidents and Congress.  I’m not finished visiting every park yet, there’s still 30ish left for me to get to, but I’m making a dent in the list, and that’s what matters to me.

I celebrated this year by spending 4 weeks in Alaska.  I didn’t get to every park, I make it to the hard to reach ones however.  I do not have any photos put together for Gates of the Arctic, or Kobuk Valley yet.  Here’s a photo from Wrangell-St. Elias.

This valley isn’t leftovers from the mine, it’s leftovers from the Kennicott Glacier. As it receded, it left this moraine behind.
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Site Something?

Hey guys.  I have no idea what happened to the site while I was gone.  Being that I was completely without internet for 95% of my trip, I couldn’t check anything.  The few times I did have internet, I wasn’t sure if it was my connection or if it was the site itself.  Alaska is spotty.  Oh well, those are the perils of hosting your own server.

On the Alaska front, I made it back, I’m alive, and I’m going through photos as we speak.  It will be some time, I was gone for 4 weeks after all, but fear not, you should have some beautiful photos to see soon enough!

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360 Tornado Footage

360 VIDEO of close-range tornado near Wray, CO! Shot with 360fly Note the violent motion at the base of this tornado. More tornadoes likely in SW Kansas into Oklahoma tomorrow. Stay tuned for forecast updatesMaria Molina

Posted by Reed Timmer Extreme Meteorologist on Sunday, May 8, 2016

It’s Tornado Season.  Or it was, or it will be.  I’m never quite sure when Tornado Season actually is.  I just know that when it starts, it offers some pretty awesome videos, photos, and time-lapses of the storms as the make their way across the MidWest.  This year though is different.  It marks the beginning of easy to produce 360 video footage of these storms.  The above 2 videos show tornado’s up close in one, and driving by one in the other.


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Aaaaannnnnddddd I’m back

But I have nothing to show for it.  I landed a few hours ago from a 30 day vacation.  Cut me some slack why don’t ya.  I’ll get you some of the photos I took, trust me.  Have I ever let you down before?