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1,000,000 mile Year long Earth Timelapse

Last year NASA launched it’s Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite with an EPIC camera on board.  It’s stayed on the Lagrange 1 point, 1,000,000 miles from the earth towards the sun.  Lagrange points are interesting aspects of space, I’ll let you learn about it on your own time.  Taking a photo every 2 hours for a year gives a great perspective of the planet.  I never knew that there was so much cloud cover across the planet so often.  It’s also really neat seeing the tilt of the planet while Africa moves across the plane of view.

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Shattered Glass

This is a pretty good way to spend 10 minutes of your life.  Granted, you only really will care about parts of it.  These guys are pretty fun to watch.  I like how they showed it at normal speed, then slowly increased the frame rate.  Granted, it’s a colossal waste of perfectly good mixing jars, but hey, it’s for science.  It’s a shame that at max resolution and frame rate the output is so dark.

I think the side by side view of watching them drop water onto his eye and seeing how quickly the glass cracked was ridiculously impressive.  The Slow Mo Guys are pretty damn fun to watch.

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Sewer Time-Lapse

Today I bring you a different type of time-lapse, one of the sewers under Manchester England.

CJ over at substormflow explores the old culverts and sewers beneath this city and documented them over 9 months collecting 5,000 photos which he’s combined into the above time-lapse.  Now, honestly, I wouldn’t call these sewers, they look more like storm drains.  But then again, that’s where most of the name came from, I think.

Moving water is fun, and these old brick lined pipes and tunnels are hallmarks to a simpler time when this type of water control was necessary.  I would probably spend just as much time as CJ does exploring old water systems like that if we had more of them in America.  Or, at least in the part of America that I live in anyway.  There are some elaborate systems like this in New England, but the vast majority of them are more modern concrete and steel systems that just don’t have the allure of brick and mortar.

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Blue Rubber Yard

Blue Rubber yard

Reddit user LogicWavelength decided to re-surface the sliver of his back yard from river rocks to blue rubber playground material.  Unlike seemingly everyone else on the reddit thread, I really like the new look.  I’d never do it myself based on just the annoying of keeping that looking fresh and clean, but I like it much more than the rocks.  I am not a fan of river rocks, or rock based mulch, I much rather have a natural grass or moss pathway.  But the uniqueness of the blue contrasts with the white fence pretty neatly.

rock pathway


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Smoky Bottle Art

Smoke Bottle Art trees

Jim Dingilian has an unusual canvas for his art.  He uses the soot from burning candles to paint the inside of glass bottles.  Then, he uses Q-tips, needles, or skewers to etch away that smoky layer and create the works of art seen.  I really like the way he used the natural color of the glass bottle to accent the scene above.  The green on the bottom looks like gras,s the blue towards the sides looks like the sky, and all the while the brown/grey smoke is the trees.  Very innovative.

making smoke bottle art

It looks cool, doesn’t it?  Like building a ship in a bottle, it probably takes alot of time and patience.  That actually gives me an idea though, I wonder if he would be able to paint a scene around a ship build in a bottle?  It’s be hard, what would you do first, the scene, or the ship?  I think he should try.

Smoky bottle scene with wires


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This post has no content except to show this awesome music video to the awesome marble game from long ago Crossfire! and the song of it’s commercial.  I was going to say it’s a 1990s game, but Wikipedia says it came out in 1971.  Ok wikipedia, how could you ever be wrong?

Here’s the commercial I’m talking about.  Relive your childhood:


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Super Slow Model Airplanes

Watch this video, it’s pretty cool, and shows you some of the niches that hobbies have

Joshua Finn makes F1D model airplanes.  These planes can fly for up to 30 minutes on the winding of a single rubber band.  You know the these guys are serious when they start to describe the uniqueness of different vintages of rubber bands.  Specifically rubber from May of 1999.  I’m sure someone with an engineering degree could provide some verification to that, but I’ll believe them.  I’m not making fun of these people at all.  It’s a really interesting hobby, and if I had time, I’d get into it, but with all the other things that I spend my time doing, I don’t think I’d ever be able to dedicate enough time to do it correctly.

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Alaska by Air

This isn’t quite the tour I’ll be taking of the great state to the north, but it’s still a pretty great video showing the beauty of Alaska, albit from a few hundred/dozen feet above the ground.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted this before, but I can’t remember, and my search of the blog archives isn’t helping, so if I posted it before, oops.  If I didn’t, enjoy:


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Stringy Time

string time clock

German artist and maker Felix Vorreiter has created this pretty cool clock that uses encoded strings to display a digital readout of the time.  As you can see, the string passes through rollers to form 5 lines which when everything lines up, reads the time.  His clock advances the string in a traditional 1 second at a time format, which I think would make it much too difficult to actually read the time.  Also, his rope is only long enough for 2 hours of time.  He estimates it would take 0.7 miles of rope for a full 24 hour day.  To that I say it’s time to re-think the pattern painted on the string.  Re-use some of the painted lines, sure, that would be a much more difficult algorithm to figure out,but that’s why we have computers!

time trial


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Screwdriver Key Pt. 2

Remember a few years ago the screwdriver hack car key?  Remember all the steps involved?  Well, Paul Meyette has this dead simple way to make the same thing.  Watch this 5 minute video, if you liked that screwdriver, you’ll love the ingenious way he made his key.

This still doesn’t address the microchips that are in all new car keys.  And many newer cars are getting lame push button ignitions, so you just need the fob.  That sucks.  With the loss of manual transmissions, driving is getting too automated now.  I’m already fearful of the robots to begin with, we don’t need them driving us around.  But, I fear I’m going on a tangent, make your own screwdriver keychain, you’ll love it.