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Smoky Bottle Art

Smoke Bottle Art trees

Jim Dingilian has an unusual canvas for his art.  He uses the soot from burning candles to paint the inside of glass bottles.  Then, he uses Q-tips, needles, or skewers to etch away that smoky layer and create the works of art seen.  I really like the way he used the natural color of the glass bottle to accent the scene above.  The green on the bottom looks like gras,s the blue towards the sides looks like the sky, and all the while the brown/grey smoke is the trees.  Very innovative.

making smoke bottle art

It looks cool, doesn’t it?  Like building a ship in a bottle, it probably takes alot of time and patience.  That actually gives me an idea though, I wonder if he would be able to paint a scene around a ship build in a bottle?  It’s be hard, what would you do first, the scene, or the ship?  I think he should try.

Smoky bottle scene with wires


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