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Alternate History Thursday: Mars

On the 69th anniversary of the Roswell Incident, I bring you news of this mushroom cloud formation discovered on Mars.  It was taken last year by the Indian Space Research Organization’s Mars Orbiter and I’ve been sitting on this news ever since then.  Forgive me.

Mushroom Cloud

It looks like a mushroom cloud doesn’t it.  It also looks like there’s a crater below it, and another couple of craters nearby.  What could this be??

Let’s speculate!!!!!!!!

{Tech Malak}

19,000 years ago the Martian planet was a lush green paradise very similar to earth.  It was inhabited by humans, yes, humanity actually evolved on Mars, how do I know this, read on to find out.  Naturally, humans were hostile towards each other.  Waring super powers went back and forth and eventually went to all out nuclear war.  The planet was plunged into a cold nuclear winter as the advanced nuclear bombs ate away the atmosphere, stripping the planet of it’s life protecting layer.  The smart humans had already left Mars decades ago for Earth.  They spent the years watching events unfolding on their home planet, keeping a record to prevent future events from happening on their new home.

Eventually, most of the humans died out, or migrated for a simpler life.  Naturally though, humans wanted more, and evolved into the species we are today.  There’s still a few powerful families left from those millennia ago, pulling the strings.  Why do you think our Cold War never amounted to anything?  Powerful neo-martians were behind the scenes pulling strings preventing war.  Our nuclear program, neo-martians were preventing the same types of nuclear weapons that destroyed Mars.  Notice that with all the nuclear testing done over the decades, our atmosphere is still here.  That’s because the key radioactive material responsible for it has gone undiscovered, why? Neo-martians.

How does this circle back to the mushroom cloud on Mars seen last year?  Well, our MIRV concept came from the neo-martians.  So it’s only natural to see that one of the warheads didn’t detonate on re-entry, or touchdown.  Instead it festered in the ground for millennia waiting.  The ISRO, run by a neo-martian, (as is NASA btwz).  The orbiter they sent up beamed a delayed signal down so that any ordinance could detonate making future exploration of the planet’s surface safe.  And, to make it even less likely that current humanity will stumble upon them.

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