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Water Rocket

This 2 stage water powered rocket reaches just under 800 feet in elevation.  It’s powered by 3 boosters loaded with 2.1 liters of water each, and a central tube of water.  All of it pressurized up to 200psi.  All together, it’s like 10 fee tall.  I’m not sure why they had to drive 6 hours out into the middle of no where Australia to launch it, but hey, they wanted to be safe I guess.

I remember getting an old soda bottle, filling it with water and pressurizing it up as far as it would go with a cork and pump and watching it fly up.  10 year old me though it was the coolest thing.  I did that for hours on end over weekends.  Eventually, my uncles introduced me to actual rockets that had gun power and explosives in it.  Those were fun too.  All of it was a fun learning experience.  It’s crazy how advanced it’s become and how technical people get with it now.  Where’s all the fun of just hot gluing some cardboard fins to a 2 liter Coke bottle and pumping it full of air to watch it shoot up?

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