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How Car Chases are Filmed

I love Jason Bourne, the books, and the films.  I also love Matt Damon.  Did you ever question how those car chases are filmed?  Well, the above video will show part of that.  It will also show you some other parts of behind the scenes filming of the upcoming Jason Bourne film.  It’s a pretty fun video, watch it, then go see the movie in person.  Because it’s gonna be amazing.

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Musical Marble Machine

Musician/carpenter Martin Molin spent over a year making this kick ass marvelous musical marble machine.  Yes, the music you hear was performed by the movement of the marbles through machine itself.  OK, it’s true that some of the sounds were filtered and directly captured with microphones and sensors on the instruments instead of through the camera, but the the engineering of the thing is something else entirely.  I wouldn’t even begin to know where to start to make something like this.

Check out the jump to get a series of behind the scenes making of this marvelous contraption.He goes through building some of the key components and his workshop looks very much like a one-man show.  He’s got a good mind this kid, let’s see what else he has in store.

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I’m sure you’ve seen wood veneer before.  It’s hard to miss it in modern life.  Did you know how it was made though?  Yes, some of them are crappy print jobs by computers, but the real stuff, that’s shaved off of trees on giant planers and razors.  It’s pretty cool.  Now, the tree there, that’s probably being used for the innards of Plywood, but in the video below you can see some high quality veneer.  Here’s a How It’s Made type segment on Veneer.


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This is Jason Bourne

In a bid to raise money for, Matt Damon teamed up with Omaze for a contest to raise money.  How was it introduced to the world?  Via the above prank video of Damon calling random unsuspecting civilians to get them to do spy type stuff.  It’s all harmless fun, a true prank.  I’m not sure if I’d be able to recognize his voice though, my love of Matt Damon not withstanding, if I wasn’t expecting it, I’d probably miss it.

The highly anticipated sequel to the Bourne franchise opens up tomorrow.  It’s a shame I won’t be around to watch it on opening.  But that won’t stop it from being good.  Well, it does, but hopefully it’s just really darn good.  It looks good.


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What is that you ask?  Why could this person possibly be floating in?  I’ll tell you, it’s poop!  Not just any poop either, concentrated poop.  Australia doesn’t process sewage with chemicals, instead they gather up all the poop and let “natural” bacteria break it down into better things.  Naturally, the poop pool is not the best environment for delicate systems and motors, they require constant maintenance.  And that is where the man in the picture above, Brendan Walsh, comes in.  He runs a company in Melbourne Australia called East West Dive and Salvage, they don’t necessarily specialize in poop diving, but it’s one of their services.

VICE did an interview with him and it’s a pretty interesting read.  And their most pressing question, about the smell, once you see the suit that he’s wearing, you gotta realize that he won’t smell a thing, but as he said in the interview, the people who clean up after him, they smell it all.



Carrier Landing

They tout this as landing an R/C plane on a moving R/C Airfract Carrier.  It’s half true.  They do land an R/C plane on a carrier, but it’s an R/C quad-copter that looks like a plane.  It’s cheating.  That’s all I’ll say about that.

Now though, watch the above, and the below to see some of the detail added to this carrier.

Towards the end they show the command control module for the Carrier.  It definitely has it’s fair share of buttons and knobs.  I’m sure it was a nightmare to put together and figure out.  It probably requires a few permits to actually use.  And, yes it’s based off of the USS Kitty Hawk.

Here’s a behind the scenes video of how they built this model:

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Chicago -> Alaska

redditor AKStafford  decided to take a video of his drive from Chicago Illinois to Anchorage Alaska.  Yes, it’s a 3,500 mile drive.  Don’t worry it’s sped up 125x.  According to the description, it was taken across the course of 6 days.

You might remember a few years ago I drove from Chicago Illinois to Rapid City South Dakota on a trip to visit The Badlands National Park.  The mid-west is pretty boring to drive through.  I’m sure Montana does get pretty good though.  When I was there when I visited Yellowstone it was gorgeous, even if that was just the lower part of the state.

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Hyper Detailed Model

It is well worth your time to watch the following 12 minutes of video.  You will be amazed at the level of detail you never thought possible on a plastic 1:48 scale model of the Focke-Wulf Fw-190

This was all done by Czech modler David Damek, actually, you should watch some of his other videos to get some more look at the crazy skillz he has.  He spends nearly a half hour making an F-35A in these two videos.

I think the most impressive part of this is how he uses paint to distress the model and give it a weathered look.  That combined with putting in the lines of rivets, it’s all cool.  The level of detail on the inside of the plane, something that’s only visible through a small hatch is crazy.  It’s really cool.

I remember building these plastic models with my dad when I was a kid.  I never got this detailed.  Heck, I don’t think I even spent as much time trying to get the decals lined up.  David really knows how to use a Q-tip for it’s true intended purpose.


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Ansel Adams Documentry

As I make my way across the wilderness of Alaska taking photos, it’s worth it to watch this video of documentary of Ansel Adams and his processes creating some of the most influential photographs of the National Parks.  I wish I was able to say that I have fond memories of going through books of reproductions of his prints, but I don’t.  I do love some of his work and I strive to have photos that are on the same level as his, hopefully some of my Alaska shots will approach his.


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This is it!  The trip that I’ve spent the last 18 months planning.  The trip of a lifetime.  Four weeks of hiking, camping, rafting, and exploring the wilds of Alaska.


This weekend I will start my trip by driving from Anchorage to McCarthy Alaska to spend some time in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.  I then spend some time in Anchorage before going to Kenai Fjords for a few days, before going back up to Anchorage where I go to the arctic circle.  I’ll be in Gates of the Arctic National Park, and Kobuk Valley National Park.  Then back down to Anchorage for a day before flying into Lake Clark National Park, and Katmai for a few days.

This will truly be a crazy trip.  I hope y’all are looking forward to the photos and stories as much as I am.