Grand Central in 360°


I think that 360° video will be the next big thing.  I’ve posted quite a few 360 videos in the last few months.  Well this year might be the time when consumer grade 360° video takes off.  Last month Samsung released the Gear 360 camera in Korea, they’ve been mum about when it will actually be released for the general public in America, right now you had to be at VidCon in Anaheim, I wasn’t there.  Instead I bought it on eBay, super great about that.

Anyway, this weekend I took my brand new camera out to NYC to try it out and see what it could do.  The best shots came from when I set it up in Grand Central.  I took a short video, and then I held it up for half a minute to take a time-lapse.  Both came out pretty well.  Here is the two time-lapses, and a video.  Enjoy

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