Weddings from the Camera’s POV


It’s wedding season, and photographs are always an important part of it.  You always see the finished product, now here you can see what the camera saw as it was taking the photo, and the resulting photograph that Tom Harmon got out of the shot.  Tom is a photographer out of New Jersey, and in 2014 (yes, a few years ago, sorry) he attached a GoPro to his camera to record the whole thing.  It’s pretty ace if you ask me.  Especially to see the different size lenses he had on.  Like the field shot of the groomsmen from way up high and far away.  He had a zoom lens on there clearly.  It was very well edited with the final shots right after the GoPro video of the scene too.

After watching this video, I want to hire this wedding photographer, he took some really nice shots, things that you normally wouldn’t see in a regular wedding album.  At least, from my perspective anyway.

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