Pen Refill City

The first question I have for this guy (or more importantly, the people who donate to him), how much are you writing that you go through entire pens?  In my entire life I don’t think I’ve used up all the ink in a standard ball-point pen.  I, like the rest of the world, usually loose the pen well before that time comes.

Pen Refills

Anyway, M. R. Sreenivasulu has collected thousands of the disposable pen refills from his fellow students over the years and has decided to go about using them to recreate scale (although not to each other) models of famous world landmarks.  Although they are all stark white, like they’ve been bleached.  It’s neat, and a good way to reuse something that would otherwise be thrown away, but some of the more outlandish uses for these pens are better, like crushing them up and using them as filler in concrete.  You know, the same thing we’ve been doing with garbage for thousands of years.

So as another school year comes to a close, remember, don’t throw out those pens, instead get a hold of Mr. Sreenivasulu and send them to him.  He’ll need them if he want’s to recreate all the world’s famous landmarks.


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