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Cardboard Millennium Falcon

What do you do with a couple dozen empty cardboard boxes?  Recycle them?  Burn them?  Landfill?  Those are all valid responses.  Professional model maker and reddit user trichner123 decided he wanted to make a scale model of The Millennium Falcon instead.  I think it was a good choice.

Falcon begins

The overall size of it is about 5 feet across.  It’s supposed to be similar in size to the one built for the Original Star Wars film.  This cardboard one however had some creative license to it so that it didn’t look machine made.  I like it.

stretching across the model

You can tell that he’s a professional model maker though, since

He works as a teacher at The Columbus College of Art and Design.  So he had access to some green screen time.  Which he promptly took advantage of.  Here’s the 5′ carboard Falcon next to a normal sized toy model you would get as a kid:

green screen falcons

May The Force Be With you, Always.


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