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Alternate History Thursday: Tuesday

Usually there’s a special date associated with an Alternate History post, but not this time.  No, this time it’s a straight up history dump of the greatest things you never knew happened because you’re not privy to that reality.  This will mostly be a bullet pointed list of things that I’ve uncovered over the years of my research into the trans dimensional time-shifter device.  Feel free to ask me any questions you have regarding the verification of the following

  • Did you know that in 1734, early American settlers had traveled as far north west as present day Rapid City S.D.  They were fast moving across the continent trying to out run the Secret Nimphig revolution that was about to take place along the Coast.  The Nimphigs were what the Illuminati were know as back then.  They were about to usher in a change that is still effecting the world today.  And no, I’m not talking about the American Revolution.  We all know that that was the cumulation of the Free-Masons.  And while the two societies may be one and the same to the average citizen of humanity of today, 300 years ago they were as different as Americans and damn dirty Commie Russians.
  • The War of 1812 was a 2nd attempt by the Nimphigs to over throw the Free-Masons.  It obviously failed, but they were able to gain a foothold in western Canada.  That area is still feeling the effects of this war, as you no doubt can tell by it’s very low population.  This isn’t because the area is “in-hospitable.”  That’s just what the Nimphigs have told you is there.  They control the maps, they’ve had centuries to cover their tracks, they are waiting.
  • In 1914 they tried to show their faces to the world again.  (Un)Luckily the world was pre-occupied with the start of the first Great War and so they managed to infiltrate many different nations and ways of life.  The Nimphigs kept to the Americas.  There are huge tracks of land and resources around ever corner.  Since Europe was busy fighting about things that didn’t matter at all, the Nimphigs were able to infiltrate every nation of the America. In some places, mainly America, this infiltration was identified and destroyed quickly, but in others it persists to this day.
  • The stock market crash and the great depression, those are directly tied to the Nimphigs.  Governments were getting suspicious and so they needed an out.  The Secretive Seven as they were known among themselves devised the stock market crash.  They just didn’t realize how big of an impact it would have on the world.  They thought it would be localized and only last a few months.  In the end they weren’t able to easily secure all their belongings and start their own nation.  Instead they are among us still, collecting interest, waiting, watching, willing for a chance to rise again and show the world what they want – vengeance.
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Memorial Day

Today we’ve remembered those who gave their lives protecting this great nation over our 240 year history.  Take a moment of your day and salute someone with respect.

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7,000 FPS Lightning

I’ll never get tired of watching storm video.  Especially storm video that’s in super slow motion of 7,000 frames per second.  The above video was captured last week during a storm in Melbourne Florida by Professor Ningyu Liu at the Florida Institute of Technology’s Geospace Physics Laboratory.  The video above is sped up to 700 frames per second, which is still mighty slow.  I really like the instant flash that happens when the timing is just right.  There’s alot of power in these storms, be careful.


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LEGO Matrix Lobby Shootout

The Lobby Shootout is the best scene from the original Matrix.  It showcases bullet time excellently.  The only thing it doesn’t do is show Agents.  But that’s alright, you don’t need to know anything about Agents to know that this LEGO recreation of the scene is awesomely well done.  I can’t imagine how long it took shoot this.  The stop motion animation LEGO require is dedicated.  Not to mention all the guns necessary for the recreation.

In case you want to see what the original looks like, here it is, it’s pretty faithful, right down to the newspaper reading guard:

DIY video

Coke Shotglass

If you ever wanted an edible shotglass made of coke, this video is for you:

Honestly, the rubberness of it looks weird to me.  I would prefer if it were frozen.  It would probably feel better while you drink from it.  The glass wouldn’t last long, but that’s the idea I bet.  How would warm gelatiny coke taste?  Probably strange.



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Everest 360

Knife Edge

Mammut sponsored this trip up to the summit of Mount Everest with a pair of 360 camera rigs on two of the hikers.  This is the first time the trip up Everest has been documented in this way.  One rig took a photo every 30 seconds, while the other was on continuous recording.

The picture above is from the South Summit – at 28,700ft above sea level. Here, you can look around it if you’re really interested.

There’s no 360 video of it yet, at least not that I see, but here’s the Mammut promotional video:


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Star Wars Drone Dogfight

The people over at Cooridor Digital came up with this neat idea of combining practical effects on a series of drones.  Then using digital effects, they put in footage of a 3D printed cockpit to overlay onto the drone video.  What’s this all for?  Making this super ace Star Wars themed drone dog fight.  It’s pretty slick how they combined everything together.  The next step though is to attach pellet guns to the drones themselves so that this dog fight could be actually real.  That’d be so ace.

Here’s a 20 minute behind the scenes making of video you can watch if you’re interested:


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Underground Camera

Camera View

Heinric & Palmer have set up this massive underground Camera Obscura in the hills of Essex England.  Camera Obscura is the basis for which all of photography was built upon, at it’s most simple is a hole in the side of a box (or in this case a room), that allows light through causing an inverted image to be displayed on the end.  The hole needs to be small, and the image needs to be focused, but it’s still basic principles.

Anyway, as I said above, Heinric & Palmer, with the blessing of Essex County England, installed a pipe in a hilltop where they placed a lens on the door to create this unique perspective on the beautiful rolling hills of the English countryside.

hillside camera

Above was a photo of the inside of the camera and what the observer would see had they entered the room.  Below you can see what the camera is focused on through the lens built into the door.

Through the lens

You can read about how they installed the project on their blog, but basically, the burried an 8 and a half foot wide, by 11 and a half foot long pipe in the top of a hill, made the inside all pretty with wooden panels, and installed the lens on the door.  The nice thing about this is that it’s installed on a bike trail, or off to the side of one anyway, so it’s some place that people can frequent often, it’s not off the beaten path, or hidden from view.  I like that.

{Peta Pixel|Colossal}

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Star Wars Episode V: James Bond Style

No promise that this video will still work when you watch it, it took me awhile to find one that had audio, stupid automated copyright bots.  Reddit user krofl created this mashup of the James Bond type title sequence for Star Wars Episode V. for his thesis.  The title sequence is full of James Bond esque parts, to the tune of Radiohead’s Spectre.  I like the sequence, but I think a different song should have been chosen, but that’s just me.

Here’s a link to the Youtube version, maybe they’ll put audio back soon.

{The Website at the End of the Universe}



Up-cycled Mirror

Car Mirror

Paweł Budziar took some parts from an engine of an old car and used his welding and blacksmithing skills to make this one of a kind up-cycled mirror for his girlfriend’s birthday.  I really like the uniqueness of it, At first I thought the stand part of twisted metal rod didn’t belong.  Maybe he should have used a crank shaft or other car part.  After thinking about it though, I think that would have been excessive.  The twisted metal is simple and looks better.  Hopefully his girlfriend liked it, if not, I’m sure he could sell it for a good amount of money.

car mirror 2