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Secret Wooden Rings

Tiny Snow Forest

The above looks like a tiny interesting snow globe right?  Maybe an odd shaped thing.  Well, you would be wrong.  It’s actually a ring.  A hand made wooden ring with beeswax and jewelry resin making the designs inside.  Canadian jeweler My Secret Wood has created these works of art.  The two I’m showing here are nothing, they have a couple dozen different varieties.  All of them are cool.  I like the colored ones better than the clear ones.  And the small city like designs in them.  There’s a green one that says it’s underwater, but I can’t help but see Sequoias in it.

The one above is called Tiny Snow Forest, you can buy it for $110 USD.  This one below, the swirl is called Oasis Forest, it’s also on sale for $110 USD.

Oasis Forest

I wonder how difficult it would be to make something like this myself?

{Design World}

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