Star Wars: Rogue One


It was only a matter of time before Disney opened the money printing flood gates that is Star Wars.  The first companion film comes out this December and it’s about how the Rebels got the plans for The Death Star, it’s called Rogue One A Star Wars Story.  The trailer is good, it seems like it’s a good blend of the old and the new.  I hope they keep practical effects though.  That’s what really sets the original trilogy apart form everything else.

I think my favorite part of the teaser is the music.  Alexandre Desplat is scoring the film, and he’s managed to take the subtle theme and add enough differences to it to make it stand on it’s own.  The siren call is my favorite though, it’s very much from the Star Wars universe.  I’m not sure how I feel about the AT-ATs, I like that they are making an appearance, but I hope that they don’t take them on.  I don’t know what the official canon is anymore, but it’s my belief that Luke Skywalker’s Rouge Squadron is what came up with the most useful tactic against them.

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