Have you heard of /robin?  It’s the latest April Fools craze on Reddit.


There’s still plenty that nobody knows about this experiment, but I will say this, it’s been fun spending parts of the weekend playing around on it.  In smaller groups of say 50 people it’s not bad, but 100 or more start to get busy, especially when there’s a trivia bot involved.  And please, 300, that’s even busier.  1,000, the rate limit for posting starts to get annoying.  I made it into a room with 2,000.  I can’t see anything, basically, the entire screen is just a blur of multi-colored text with a lot of bots and repetitions.  Hopefully at the end of the week reddit will let us know what the whole thing was about.

On a more interesting note, when the room gets big it’s fun to play with the voting.  I managed to get StrawberryClock as the election leader.  I don’t see anyplace to see the actual votes for anyone, but hey, it was fun to game that election.

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