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The Hover Bike

Remember Colin Furze, he dug a bunker in his back yard for some reason.  Well here he has built a hover bike, curtesy of Ford

It’s pretty cool, but it looks like it’s far to heavy to be useful.  Even with all the weight he cut off of it, it seems like it should still be a dozen or so pounds lighter.  It does look cool though.  I kind of want to ride it.


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Wooden Pokeball

wooden pokeball

reddit user iamhippie carved a Pokeball ring box out of some wood.  It’s a great way to propose, which, I think they did.  I suppose it worked, but hey, not everyone can be the very best.

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Secret Wooden Rings

Tiny Snow Forest

The above looks like a tiny interesting snow globe right?  Maybe an odd shaped thing.  Well, you would be wrong.  It’s actually a ring.  A hand made wooden ring with beeswax and jewelry resin making the designs inside.  Canadian jeweler My Secret Wood has created these works of art.  The two I’m showing here are nothing, they have a couple dozen different varieties.  All of them are cool.  I like the colored ones better than the clear ones.  And the small city like designs in them.  There’s a green one that says it’s underwater, but I can’t help but see Sequoias in it.

The one above is called Tiny Snow Forest, you can buy it for $110 USD.  This one below, the swirl is called Oasis Forest, it’s also on sale for $110 USD.

Oasis Forest

I wonder how difficult it would be to make something like this myself?

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Chernobyl: A Truer Story

Yesterday I did a post about Chernobyl Disaster, and how I thought it was caused.  Today, I’ll stick with the official story of what happened.

Elephant's Foot

The above photo depicts what had been named “The Elephant’s foot” a massive blob of melted concrete, glass, sand, and raw nuclear core material.  This is what’s left from Reactor Number 4.  When it was discovered, it was giving off 10,000 roentgens per hour, for comparison, it would take about 1/10 of that to give a human a lethal dose of radiation.  This isn’t a particularly long exposure photograph, instead, the massive amounts of radiation coming off of this blob of metal is what’s causing the human there to look transparent.  That is indeed, crazy dangerous.

Here’s a video that goes over some of the events of the clean up in September of 1986.  It’s long, but it’s cool, I liked it, you should watch it too.  It’s crazy that people wouldn’t take the radiation monitors with them when they went to work.  Did they just not care?

I didn’t know that the robotics didn’t work well, or at all.  Instead they had go in and clean up by hand.  They knew that what they were doing was dangerous, and that each person who came after them was in less danger, but they still had to do it, and had to clean up.  Each shift was only up to a minute long cleaning the roof of the building.  Hundreds of soldiers there moving things one shovel at a time.  Seriously, watch the above video.

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Alternate History Thursday: Chernobyl

The first, and still, most dangerous and deadly nuclear accident revolves around the Chernobyl power plant in the Ukraine.  Many things can be said about the accident, but I’m about to dive into an alternate theory on what caused the terrible disaster.  Yes it will be outlandish.  Yes it will be crass.  Yes, it won’t make sense.  But come on, do you really expect anything less of me?

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VR Pinball

I gotta say, there’s a lot of strong opinions regarding VR.  I’ve used it, but I’m not sure if I like it, or if it will change the world.  But I will note the potential that exists.  One place I didn’t anticipate is the huge Pinball industry around it.  This DIY Pinball controller is dead simple to build, but the real power comes from the Oculus Rift headset,

The side-by side view gave me a slight headache, I’m not sure I could watch many of those.  Not being in control of the camera like that is disorienting.


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Starry LED Lamp

Instructables user darbinorvar put together this really cool LED lamp that lights up like stars.  You can watch her build the whole thing in her YouTube tutorial of the process below if you want.  It’s better then going through all the photos individually and remember, I’m lazy.

I really like the random way she marked where the stars should be.  It gives it a much more natural look.  I’m not 100% sure that she needed all of the LED strips she used, but hey, it works, and it only uses about 6W fo it’s all good.I’m very happy that she used warm-white light, it’s muchnicer then the harsh white light.

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People like make things Burn

Why anyone would design this type of level is beyond me.  But, according to Destructoid, it took 46 hours to beat it.  I’m not sure if that’s from the creator, or just some random twitch streamer.  Either way, that’s too long, stop being crazy.

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Jason Bourne

The official Trailer for Jason Bourne is out.  It makes it look good.  Not that it was going to be bad.  Matt fucking Damon is reprising his iconic role of Mark Webb aka: Jason Bourne.

The Las Vegas Strip part looks good, Tommy Lee Jones looks good, Matt Damon looks good (well, he’s Matt fucking Damon).  Go see this movie.  See it twice.

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DIY Cheap 3-D

Stereoscopic images are a basic way to give you brain a perception of depth from a single 2-d photo.  However, it’s usually pretty difficult to get working without super expensive cameras and setups.

Well, Mathieu Stern discovered a cheap adapter called a Stereax on eBay for only $30.  With alittle modification to get the adapter to mount to a modern lens, he was able to make some pretty neat 3-D images with just his regular slr.  Now, stereoscopic images are supposed to be best viewed with crossed eyes, but most people are bad at doing that, so the other way of using PhotoShop to make an animated gif works to.  You get the depth perception there, and that’s usually good enough to get the idea.

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