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Flip Book

On my trip to Yosemite last month I let my sister take some pictures of me with my camera.  She got trigger happy and took some rapid fire photos as I tried to scale a tree that was in our way.  It turned out that those 14 photos when printed out made a perfect flip book!  So, I got to making one of those out of it.

Check out the jump for how I actually put it all together:


There’s not much to it.  I got a sheet of copper that I had to cut 2 strips out of, some 1/2″ copper rivets, a paper cutter, a few strips of leather and the photos I want to use.

I got the photos printed out at Shutterfly.  Since they are going to be all on top of each other, I elected for a matte finish to them, this way they don’t stick to each other.

Copper Strips

I roughly cut out the strips of copper.  They aren’t the same width, but that doesn’t bother me.  They’re the same length though.  What’s not pictured is the filing, sanding, and rounding of the edges.  I spent an hour or so doing that.  First I filed down the edges, then I hammered out the bends from the snips.  Lastly I sanded everything with 180, 320, and 400 grit sand paper.

sand paper

See, doesn’t it look better all nice and sanded and round like that?  Almost looks like a tongue depressor now doesn’t it?

Test fit

The rivets I got were 1/2″ copper, but the leather, and paper, and copper strips was closer to 5/8″ thick.  Instead of the yellow Elk Leather I had left over from my Yellowstone Book, I used some scrap white cow leather that was much thinner.

Test Binding
Testing the Binding of the photos

I used some binder clips to hold everything together.  What’s not pictured is drilling holes into the entire thing to place the rivets in.  I used a regular drill for that part, then riveted it one at a time.  After punching out the nails, I used a ball-peen hammer to round off the edges, and then sanded everything down again.  This is where the white leather failed me, it absorbed all the copper filings from the sand paper and it looks dirty now.  Oh well.

As you can see, I fanned out the photos to make it easier to flip through.  There’s only 14 pictures, and when they were all the same length, it was difficult to get a good grip on them to flip, but fanning them out every so slightly made the resulting book much easier to use.  I ended up taking about 1cm off of each photo from the bottom up.

Here’s a video of me flipping through the book.  I’m sorry it’s in vertical format, but the pictures are vertical, it works better that way.  Don’t watch it if it bothers you that much.

And, in case yo want to see what the gif looks like, here it is:

climbing gif

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