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Did you think I forgot about you?  I could never.  Here are links to the albums.  Now, I know what you’ll say, didn’t I post these already last week?  Well you’d be right, but I didn’t finish going through the photos, and more importantly, I didn’t get so some of the amazing Yosemite reflection photos at the end of this post.  So do me a solid and look through them already ok?

And, here are some of my favorite photos of the trip, in case you’re lazy, it’s ok, I know that you are:

Sequoia Sky
I decided to drive down to General Grant and take some photos looking up with the Sequoias in the foreground. The trail wasn’t the best spot to take photo, but the parking area had some good views up with trees near by.


Poppy Fields
In order to get to Sequoia from Kings Canyon in the winter you have to drive out and around. I drove down Dry Creek Dr. and was greeted to beautiful fields of poppy flowers and rolling green hills


Foggy Mountain
The clouds obscured many of the views driving down 180 and out of the park


Mirror Lake
Sure, Mirror Lake was very low in the middle of February, but the reflections were still beautiful.


Mirror Lake 2
Because the water was so low it was difficult to get some full reflections. I still think it came out pretty well.


Now comes the time to pick the next park to go to.  I hope to get somewhere before the Alaska trip this summer.  I’m not sure which, my current front runner is the Seattle area for late April or early May.  But things are still very much up in the air.

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