The Most Interesting Man in The World


Is about to embark on a one way trip to Mars.  Yes my friends, Dos Equis is retiring The Most Interesting Man in the World.  But not without a bang.  They’re going to send him off to Mars, and as always, he’s interesting, he has no regrets because he doesn’t know what regret feels like.

Here’s the first video in the sendoff campaign:

One of the real stories is of the actor that plays him, Jonathan  Goldsmith.  Goldsmith basically faked his way through Hollywood, but being in the Dos Equis commercials was his big break.  NPR has an article about him, it’s worth a read, you’ll finish it quick, trust me.

I couldn’t find any good playlist of all the commercials, so you’ll have to make due with this one.  That brings up an interesting question, why don’t companies keep their ads up on YouTube indefinitely?  It’s free advertising for them, and when there’s such loved characters as The Most Interesting Man in the World, I think they could make residual money showing ads before the ads.  In the vein of the Most Interesting Man in the world, I would pay him to watch his commercial.

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