London Day vs. Night


London based photographer Matel has come up with a creative way to show the passage of time in London.  Instead of a typical time-lapse with day to night transitions, he took two sets of videos shot in the same location, hours apart.  Then using hours of post processing and maliciousness alignment, he produced the above … Continued

4k Weather


Because humans see in more then 4k.  You should watch this though, it’s 3 minutes long, and the music is pretty good and fits the mood well.  It’s making me want to travel to the midwest to set up my camera and try and record something like this myself…One day perhaps. {reddit}

The Pokemon Card Card


As you may have heard, Pokemon turned 20 years old this past month.  That’s right, can you believe it, 20 years and we still haven’t caught ’em all.  That’s gotta be a record. Well, Englishman Quentin Devine has made a mosaic of the iconic Pikachu out of 12,987 individual Pokemon Trading Card Game cards. As … Continued

DIY Flipbook


On my trip to Yosemite last month I let my sister take some pictures of me with my camera.  She got trigger happy and took some rapid fire photos as I tried to scale a tree that was in our way.  It turned out that those 14 photos when printed out made a perfect flip … Continued

Epoxied Wire Art


Epoxy is a magical substance.  You can make all sorts of cool things with it if you’re willing to experiment.  Using some old wires, cat-5, telephone, and plain copper.  They actually look pretty good, especially with the randomness of the wires as they are placed within the epoxy. I like the Bowl better then the … Continued

The City Music Machine


This is a pretty novel way to make a music box.  Instead of having a drum flick metal posts, Akko Goldenbeld build a city on a drum.  As the drum turns, the raised cityscape hits hammers that hit keys to a piano.  It’s quite giant, and looks unwieldy.  This isn’t just some random city either, … Continued

36v Plasma Cutter


Did you know you can use 4 9v batteries some foil, and a piece of graphite/lead from a mechanical pencil to make a mini plasma cutter?  I didn’t. It turns out that you can, and it’s quite straightforward too.  In case you don’t believe this will work, here’s a video of it: {Imgur}

Magnet Fishing


Did you know of this “sport”  I never heard of it until I stumbled upon this imgur album.  Basically, people attach a strong magnet to a rope and throw it into rivers and bodies of water hoping to find sunken treasure, or murder weapons, or un-exploded ordinance.  In reality, all they seem to find is … Continued

Landscape Art


Artist Stand Herd uses the land as his canvas, creating giant “crop circles” except, they are rarely circles, and are sometimes advertisements. The above is a recreation of Vincent Van Gogh’s Olive Trees, it took a massive effort of weeding, planting, digging, mowing, and other earthscaping techniques to get the work of art visible from … Continued