burning wood for art

Have you ever heard of the art of pyrography?  Well, at least not using that name.  It’s the scientific name for wood burning.  Filipono Artist Jordan Mang-osan uses a magnifying glass to focus the sun’s rays onto large pieces of wood to create elaborate landscapes.  It’s really quite something.  The patience to hold the magnifying glass steady, and at the right distances away to get the effect you want.  However, I bet it’s way more frustrating then painting because if you get a good groove going and a cloud comes in you can get all messed up.  And if he messes up how would he fix it?  Maybe sand out the effected area?  Probably, it’s not burning too deep into the wood.

Up Close burning

You can buy some of his work on Fine Art America, but I will warn you, it’s not cheap, but that can be expected since there’s so much skill involved in making these.

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