Charlie: The Grand Finale


You might have thought it would never happen but it is, Charlie The Unicorn is one of the older (11 years now!) viral videos of the internet, and for the past 4 years we’ve been stuck with Charlie The Unicorn 4 as the last entry in the saga, but as of now, a 30 minute grand finale is going to happen.

Jason Steele of FilmCow has put together a Kickstarter to fund the final chapter of the Charlie saga.  He’s asking for $35,000, as of this writing he’s at around $60,000, so he better fucking deliver this magical masterpiece of inadvertent adventure.  I’m super excited about the whole thing in a bittersweet way.  I hope it’s as good as Mr. Steele says it will be, but at 30 minutes long, it should hopefully involve some wild and crazy adventures.  Maybe that snowman will come to life and be a problem.  That’d be sweet.

In case you’re unsure of where things left off, here is the series thus-far:


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