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DIY “Lava” Lamp

It’s more of a controlled reaction of acids and bases then the soothing blobs from a true lava lamp, but this instructable is dead simple to follow and can be quite fun.  I bet if you got something a little thicker then vegetable oil it might be a slower process that’s more true to the lava lamp.

In other news, did you know the Lava Lamp was recently updated to use ferrofluid?

It went through the Kickstarter campaign and was successful and now you can buy it!  It’s quite expensive for a lava lamp at $150, but hey, technology.

Congratulations for clicking read more, your reward is a 1 hour video you a Lava Lamp that someone uploaded to YouTube.  Fear not, it’s in 1080p, so at least you’ll properly be using up your bandwidth for it:


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