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DIY Lite Up Heart

Lite up heart

Around this time of year this Valentines Day post gets alot of attention, so I figure some of you newer readers might not have know about this super popular post that I have.  In it I go over the crude LED lit Plexiglass Heart I made some years ago.  The construction of it is nothing to scream about, yes I used some Oak, but everything has a rough feel to it.  That’s fine, and if the person you’re giving it too like that that’s what matters.  Really, whoever you give it to should appreciate the time and effort you put into making something for her instead of how professional it looks.

Anyway, I still have it, (never got the chance to give it to the person), it’s on the shelf behind my desk.  I haven’t plugged it in in quite some time though, hopefully it still works.  It should, it’s a pretty basic circuit.  I think the harder question is do I still have the power adapter?

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