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Insane Domino Rally

I remember when I was little I would constantly make a mess of my basement setting up Domino Rally runs.  They always ended up going off prematurely and ruining hours of setup time, but it was still fun.  YouTube user FlippyCat seems to have collected 30 or 40 of every individual Domino Rally set ever made.  He doesn’t say how long it took to setup, or how much space it takes up, or how many dominoes it actually uses, but it’s still awesome nonetheless.

I remember those bridges, and rocket launchers, and bike launcher, and plane launcher, and stair cases.  Man, those were fun times…

It looks like you can still order the sets on Amazon, but the packaging changed, and that means that the molds are probably different, they probably don’t launch things like the used to, nothing is as good as it once was…

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